Access to all games on the site, free Codes

The site collected hundreds of mobile and computer games. Each of them has codes and hidden features. As in GTA, players can use codes in most games and get additional features. Often, the achievements obtained with the help of codes are not saved, but they give an additional and unique experience.

Games on Android, iOS are a separate section on our site. Free games have built-in purchases. Most often, with their help, the player can remove restrictions and unlock paid features. First of all it is energy, precious stones, or life. Also important is advertising and it can often be easily turned off.

How to use codes, access tips?

To gain an advantage in the game, it is enough to spend 5 minutes studying the method. Often games have a similar input method, especially on the same platform. Most will be enough to use the input method listed below the game itself.

If you want to access all the prompts and hidden sections of the site, you need to follow simple forum rules.

1. Leave a comment on the site, while specifying the real e-mail and nickname (they will be used for further authorization).
2. Stay on the site for more than 30 minutes and read at least 5 articles of the site, as well as leave your feedback.
3. Get 24 new user status and access to prompts, instructions and hidden categories.

Perhaps you will get the status much faster, it all depends on the workload of our administrator. If you have any questions, leave them in the feedback form.