Battlelands are interesting adventures in which each player has the right to fight for their best future and those around them. In your hands is not only your own life, but also the fates of other people who hope that you will be able to defeat the enemies. You have a house that needs to be protected by all possible and not possible ways. The more unexpected you appear in front of the enemy, the more chances there will be for his destruction. All fans of action games, and especially battles against other similar players, need to play MaskGun.

First of all you need to choose your hero and equipment for him. Each character has its own skills and characteristics, so that you can choose. Over time, you can unlock special characters that you like even more. Without weapons can not do, because the enemy is armed to the teeth. Also, do not forget about your home, shelter, where you need to constantly renew your strength. Also, you can use new hacked MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019 game.

Battlelands cheats

Secrets and Tips:

The game has many levels and tasks that need to pass in order to receive rewards. Not everything is as easy as it seems at first glance. You constantly need to improve your abilities and discover new levels, weapons and much more. You can also choose the optimal game mode that suits you best.

But do not forget that without resources you will not go far. All updates and improvements can be made for money that is difficult to earn. Of course, you can put real money into the game, but this is not very interesting. And with the help of our Battlelands codes for money, you will have everything at once. So stop saving, and start spending and enjoying the game to the maximum.

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Using cheat codes:

Hacked Battlelands on Android and iOS, this is an amazing opportunity with which you will play without any complications. All you need is to enter the code and start playing. Cheats for money, this is exactly what you have been looking for. You no longer need to download mods or buy special settings. Everything is accessible and simple. And for detailed information you just need to follow the link below on the website. Codes are not only safe, they are also completely free.


Battlelands- a dynamic action-shooter in which the player will face hundreds of zombies. According to the plot, a grand plague epidemic has passed around the world, turning everyone into the walking dead. The main character managed to avoid infection, but now he has to go through many trials and fights with mutants. Each of the zombies has special skills and a certain power, so any adversary will have to look for an individual approach and a special firearm.

Cheats Battlelands for Android and iOS:

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How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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