Bid Wars is not just a game, but a real auction in which you will only rely on your intuition and luck as well. Your main task is to buy things, and then resell them at a higher price. The difference from the transaction and will be your earnings. With proper use of resources, you will only get richer. If you are a fan of killing ancient animals, in particular mammoths, and want to try different types of weapons against them, then play Zombie Squad action.

Game review:

First of all, listen to your intuition, because it will tell you whether you need a thing and whether you can sell it more expensive. For example, only the most experienced auctioneer can sell a roll of toilet paper for big money. Prove yourself and others that you can do it. Remember that the more money you have, the more expensive you can make an auction.

Bid Wars mod

The game has a lot of items that you can first buy and then sell at a price that does not quite fit in reality. But this is a business and here all the ways are good. If you immediately have enough resources, then your business will go much faster. Our Bid Wars cheats for money and gold will provide you with such an opportunity and you will not need anything from the very beginning of the game.

The main features of the game:

  • The gameplay is very funny, only the most intelligent, cunning and with excellent intuition win here.
  • A huge selection of items that can be very profitable to sell.
  • Create your own warehouses where exclusive copies will be stored.
  • Ability to challenge the most legendary players.

Bid Wars cheat

Hacked Bid Wars on Android and iOS, these are unique features in the game that you can handle. Now you will have codes for money and gold, which means new purchases and victories. You need to download mod Bid Wars, no settings are needed either. Codes can be entered many times and all the time for free. Since our cheats are safe for all devices, then you will not need personal data in the game. If something is not clear to you, then look at the details below on the site and you will find out everything you need.

Bid Wars codes

Secrets and Tips:

Bid Wars Pawn Empire – an economic strategy that invites the user to participate in various auctions. In it, the player will bid on the purchase of various items, then to resell them and get a good profit. At each auction will correctly calculate the tactics of behavior and time to put money. At the same time it is also necessary not to get carried away.

Because too much cost can hit your pocket a lot. After the successful acquisition of any items you can evaluate their value and put up for sale. Sometimes rare antiquarian things come across here that are worth a fortune, so you need to podgadat moment, rely on your intuition and make a decisive bet.

Bid Wars Hack codes for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 470 000 money in the game – T-f239h4r
  • 63,000 gold, free with code – Q-g28fhdw9


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