Blocky Cars Online – is an exciting action with which you learn not only to play as a team, but also to build a transport on which you can then conduct battles. At your disposal there will be details that are enough in the game for you to create and improve your cars. It can be either a simple truck or a tank. And for those who can’t imagine their life without a strategy, you just need to play a very exciting game – Robot Shark 2.

Once you have created your tank or car, you can go into battle. Opponents will be players from around the world who, like you, have created your own transport. If you have a damaged car, you can get out of it and continue the battle already with a weapon. But in no fight can you win without a strategy. So this is the first and most important point to adhere to. For all purchases of new parts in the game you need a lot of resources that tend to end. And with Blocky Cars Online cheats for money, you can do and create whatever you want, since you will have the opportunity to do so.

Blocky Cars Online cheat

Game features:

  • You have to play on more than 12 maps in 3D pixel art.
  • To build vehicles you will have over 90 kinds of parts.
  • At the same time in one location can play up to 8 players.
  • Players from all over the world can become your opponents, they can also be friends, but they can be your opponents or you can choose only you.
  • The ability to create the most unique transport and then fight with it with other players.

Hacking Blocky Cars Online on Android and iOS, these are unique opportunities in a terrific action game, where you have to create something excellent. Together with the burglary you get our codes for money. Then all the fun begins. After all, now you do not need to save and enter real money in the game. Mods also no longer need to download. All cheats are completely free and you can enter them many times. Security has always come first, so our codes are completely safe for all your devices. And the details can be seen below on the site.


Blocky Cars Online is a dynamic online game in which the user is invited to experience the drive and epic multiplayer battles in combat cars. The gameplay is tied in three modes. In race mode, the player must compete with other riders for prizes. Team battles will divide the drivers into two groups, the purpose of which is the complete destruction of enemy forces.

Blocky Cars Online mod

And the mode “every man for himself” is a typical deathmatch where it is necessary to stay alive. For victories, the user will receive in-game currency, which can be spent on the purchase of a new iron horse or to upgrade an existing one. Initially, in the garage of the novice rider is already one car. It can be tested before rushing into battle.

Before the battle, you need to choose a room where the game is already underway, or create your own. The game has a popular now cubic graphics and intuitive control. You can steer both with the help of on-screen keys and with the help of a gyroscope. Blocky Cars Online is a great online racing shooter that fans of online battles will love.

Cheats Blocky Cars Online Hack for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 400 000 money in the game, for free – BC-O7uyfh-44


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