If you follow the news of our site, you know about the games from the company Ketchapp. Break the Hoops. This is a new arcade, time killer from the company. Since the game is free, there is a large amount of advertising and shopping. The main task is to go through all the circles, consistently destroying the elements. Hacked Break The Hoops, these are new records. unlocked balls and no ads. Following the prompts, everyone can enable paid features on Android, iOS platforms.

About the game

Jump on the platform, move in a circle. Break The Hoops on Android has a simple but addictive gameplay. To unlock a new level, you need to complete the current task. Each time you will move around in a circle and do it in color. Falling on a black platform, or an obstacle, the level ends. Each attempt is an opportunity to set a new record and show the best result.

Break The Hoops cash

Every attempt is a new challenge and level. To unlock a new task, you need to cope with the current task. It is not always possible to do this from the first time. Between unsuccessful attempts, you will watch ads, if you do not turn off the Internet. But playing without a network, you can not save achievements and receive additional bonuses. Bonus codes, this is a free opportunity to get Break The Hoops diamonds for free and unlock paid game elements.

Game process

Ketchapp games are always a simple but exciting process. Thanks to the exciting gameplay, you can repeat the game experience an infinite number of times. Games Mr Gun, Knife Hit and others are widely known among gamers. Break The Hoops mod gives you a unique experience with simple controls. Just touch the screen with your finger to smash items into a level and earn points.

In addition to simple platforms, there are elements with diamonds. This is a great opportunity to collect Break The Hoops diamonds and unlock additional items. After destroying all the rings on the level, you get the opportunity to unlock the next task. Every attempt is an opportunity to set a record and compete with other players. A very simple, but fascinating process makes you return to the game. Also, we recommend you to ue new hacked gameĀ Dragons & Diamonds.

Break The Hoops mod

Since the game takes up little space, everyone can download it. Connect your account to social networks to share achievements with friends and compete. Break The Hoops cheats, this is a great opportunity to unlock paid items without spending real money. First you need to learn how to control the ball. Simple taps on the screen you can make jumps of different lengths and manage the process.

Graphics and sounds

The game is no different from other developments, simple 3D graphics with clear elements. You will not have problems with the distinction of elements. Destroy round and round, break weak spots and go around obstacles. Following the prompts, everyone can get additional diamonds to the account for an Android, iOS device.

Break The Hoops Hack, Android and iOS:

  • 10,000 diamonds for free – GL35 # HH6LN
  • Disable Advertising – W403 # 3BFKH


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