BRIX! Block Blast, this is a new puzzle from Genere Games. This is a new experience for fans of this genre, or the development team. In the game you can experience a unique experience, collect one-color bricks with the same color. Most of all it resembles tetris, but all the elements here are of one form. Hacked BRIX! Block Blast will be required during the passage to restore lives, or unlock the level. Also, the money will be needed for the purchase of boosters and additional moves.


BRIX! Block Blast on Android is a unique gameplay and an opportunity to have fun. Collect bricks of the same color to clear the screen. But you need to do this as quickly as possible, except that you can collect combos. By making a combo attack, you can get bonuses and boosters that will be useful in the further passage. Each level has a limited number of moves. It is necessary to think and calculate the options for the very quick passage of the task.

Each task is a quest and you need to create massive explosions to complete it. Elements will appear at the top and their color is chaotic. Every time you need to make decisions to properly place the block. If 3 or more items are collected, they disappear. Every attempt is a new arrangement of elements. To create large combos, you need to calculate the moves and use boosters.

BRIX! Block Blast cheat

Game process

Simple gameplay allows you to quickly understand the game for both adults and children. BRIX! Block Blast mod for coins and life, it is an opportunity to play without purchases and get an additional advantage. To complete the mission faster, you need to apply the mind, as well as luck. Levels will open one by one, be ready to take the challenge and collect the maximum combo. This will raise the level and set a new record level.

In addition to the main blocks, each player has a set of boosters. At the bottom of the screen are bonus blocks, with their help, you can destroy any structure, blow up the necessary elements. BRIX! Block Blast coins and life in the game have a key role. At any time, the player can continue to play, as well as complete a difficult level. Rebuild the blocks and try a better option, each time you get a unique task.

Sometimes it’s hard enough to complete a level. Having spent all lives and moves, you need to wait for the hearts to recover. It makes you lose interest in the game. Since the elements of the game are paid, you need to skillfully spend resources. Also in the game there are features and the ability to compete with friends. Connect Facebook to the game and get additional rewards in the form of coins and boosters. BRIX! Block Blast cheats work on Android, iOS platform. Get the advantage of passing and get more enjoyment from the game.

BRIX! Block Blast mod

Graphics and sounds

Fun arcade has a simple 2D graphics, low weight and vivid pictures. Having downloaded the game, you move into a real fairy tale with a lot of features and functions. The game will be interesting for adults and children. Bright graphics create a holiday, and the voice only complements the experience. A charming game with many beautiful illustrations. Also, you can download hacked Glory Ages for free. Play for free BRIX! Block Blast can be in stock bonus codes. Use cheat codes and get a lot of money, restore life, energy. This will save time and allow you to quickly raise your level.

BRIX! Block Blast Hack, Android and iOS:

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