Carton Wars, is a block action game from NetEasy Game. After downloading the mod player is in a carton box, sandbox. But this is real survival with a variety of weapons and dozens of opponents. You can join the chaos for free, the game is available on Android, iOS platform. Cardboard characters are a great threat to each other. But before entering the battle you need to craft yourself a weapon and additional equipment. Hacked Carton Wars is the ability to change skins, buy weapons and use additional bonuses. In the article you will find codes, cheats for money, gold, as well as tips for quick passing.

The arena

Wars on Android has a number of features that attract new players. Since the developer is the creator of the same bestsellers like Knives Out, RULES OF SURVIVAL and others. Downloading the game you get a thoughtful and interesting development. You can watch the hero from above, it will allow you to have an overview in all directions. Challenge the enemies, destroy opponents and get a lot of money, extra gold and other valuable rewards.

Cartoon Wars cheat

With resources, you can unlock special skills and characters. First of all, it is an opportunity to gain an advantage. Fighting with 30 players in the arena, only one will be the winner. Kill the enemy, get his resources and weapons. Having tactics to fight, you have an advantage. To communicate with opponents during a match, you can use voice chat. Free Carton Wars money and gold can be obtained using bonus codes. This is a great way to win. Also, you can use hacked Gears POP for free.

Game process

Before each fight, the player has the opportunity to choose a skin. Diving into the sandbox is carried out the turn of the helicopter. 30 players scatter around a small arena, everyone has the opportunity to collect weapons. On the map a lot of weapons and additional equipment. To win, you need to collect the most powerful arsenal. Download Carton Wars mod is a lot of money, it’s free purchases and the ability to use paid weapons. This legal advantage can be used by everyone in the game.

Management optimization is hard to call perfect. Rough enough movements do not allow accurate aiming. Perhaps you need to train more, but it’s unlikely to shoot exactly at the target the first time. Despite the presence of an arrow and a limited radius. You need to get used to the physics of motion and range. To drive the enemy into a trap, you need to know the location and have tactics.

Cartoon Wars mod

Game features

• An exciting battle process, the opportunity to fight in the sandbox.
• Pixel graphics, cartoon characters and bright maps.
• Dozens of different characters with unique abilities and skills.
• Easy control, fast and dynamic battles.
• Working Carton Wars cheats, the ability to get gold and gems.
• Endless battles, each time unique conditions.
• Various skills, bombs and extra equipment.

Graphics and sounds

Bright game has a simple 2D graphics, with all the elements made in the form of blocks. This is reminiscent of Minecraft, but the detailing of the elements and the presence of bright colors make their adjustments. Thanks to the virtual joysticks, you can navigate and collect weapons, valuable items. Carton Wars codes and strategy will allow you to become a favorite of the battle and receive valuable rewards for winning. With 5 minutes of free time you can start the game and enjoy the interesting gameplay. Use teleport and other boosters, surprise your opponent and earn points for killing.

Carton Wars hack, Android and iOS:

• 65,000 gold – SZ4_31t999
• 6,500 gems – XvH_02KOx7
• Disable advertising in the game – EyT_eqXvNO


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