In the article you will find tips on how to play free Clash of Wizards Battle Royale, without hacking, downloading mod files. Get a lot of money and gems, unlock strong characters and create an invincible team. Take control of the arena and destroy the enemy’s towers. Having a strong deck of cards you will not have problems with the enemy. Hacked Clash of Wizards Battle Royale, this is an opportunity to quickly get gems and gold. You can get bonus money using codes.

Game Description

Discover the world of magic and endless battles of goblins. Since the game is very similar to Clash Royale, it will be easier to get acquainted with the gameplay. Clash of Wizards Battle Royale on Android has a number of features that you will learn about in the article today. First of all, I would like to note the presence of orcs, goblins and undead. The world is filled with magic has dozens of unique and powerful characters. To take control of the arena, you need to skillfully dispose of skills.

Clash of Wizards Battle Royale cheat

Of course, you will need money and crystals to develop combat skills. You also need to work on protecting your towers, use spells and special skills to block. The battles in the arena last a couple of minutes, which causes events to develop quickly and dynamically. Since this is a strategy, you will need a strong team and tactics to defeat the enemy.

Game process

Clash of Wizards Battle Royale mod gives you the opportunity to collect top cards and valuable rewards. These upgrades will make you stronger and increase your chances of winning. Since the enemies are opposite each other, everyone has the opportunity to choose a map and position on the map. Let out heroes and depending on the position, they will defend themselves, or attack the tower. Watch out for loot, you need to have a high level to use the enemy’s forces indefinitely.

Opponents are located opposite each other, each has 3 towers at their disposal. The central of them is the key, it houses the wizard. Each player has a set of cards with different characters and abilities. You can release them randomly, you can release the trump card in the first place, or save it by the end of the game. Clash of Wizards Battle Royale cheats, this is an opportunity to receive bonus cards and rare spells in the collection, it greatly increases the chances of winning.

Clash of Wizards: Battle Royale mod

Graphic design

Since the developer of Play365 is famous and has dozens of games. Gamers got a balanced game with colorful 3D graphics and high optimization. Dozens of unique and vivid characters, special attacks and a lot of effects. The real war unfolds each time you press the “Battle” button. Clash of Wizards Battle Royale money unlocks access to arcane spells and endless and rewards. Also, you can download free Break the Hoops.

To collect all types of cards, you need to be constantly updated and have gems. A complete collection may cease to be so after updating the game. Developers are actively working to support the game, leaving comments on Google Play, you have the opportunity to influence the game. Using cheat codes and bonuses, you have the opportunity to earn trophies and extra points. Use tricks on Android, iOS and get unlimited resources.

Clash of Wizards Battle Royale Hack, Cheats for Android and iOS:

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