We present to you an incredibly exciting casual simulator – this is a mobile game Cooking Rush. The main theme of this game is the business of cooking. This game is just a godsend for those who love to cook, and at the same time also develop their business. She will help you become a real star in cooking in any kitchen. You will get to know different dishes from around the world. Use the Cooking Rush hack for free to get Gold in the game. Also on the site you will find codes for the popular game Cooking City.

You can quickly and tasty prepare everything, including fruit drinks. Here you will find an impressive number of missions, without much plot. It would seem that it can be boring, but believe me, not here. After all, the goal is to conquer the financial Olympus! Take on this challenge. You will not regret it if you play this game from the developer. JoyMore GAME! Become a real chef and save the restaurant from ruin. You can get additional secrets after entering the Cooking Rush codes in your game account.

Cooking Rush codes, bug:

At first, the main character is introduced to you. You have to go with her a difficult path, from a novice cook in a diner to a professional in a restaurant. If you approach this wisely, then you will probably be able to transform the heroine into the one she really wants to become in a short time. The main thing is to fulfill orders quickly.

Cooking Rush hack

Clients approaching the counter will order all kinds of dishes and drinks. All this will be drawn in a small window. In addition, there you will see a multi-colored indicator that shows the level of tolerance of the client. Hacked Cooking Rush without downloading a mod is your perfect chance to get a lot of virtual money for free.

If you submit an order before it wants to endure more, you will receive an impressive tip, in addition to the main amount. But if you do not have time, then instead of profit, you will receive losses and spoiled products. Because. Closely monitor the customer and fulfill the order with lightning speed. You will earn free money for this.

Making money for completing levels, do not put them off for later. And immediately put them into action. Namely, invest in business development. Get additional equipment, all kinds of gizmos, for pumping the interior.

The more beautiful your establishment, the more time customers will spend in your cafe. You have been given an exorbitant amount of dishes, but the recipes are not opened to the players immediately, but gradually – the first 10 missions you can sell only crabs, mussels and wine. Then, start hitting customers with your culinary delights. Keep track of recipes and don’t miss out on ingredients. Spend the money you earn to buy new recipes. Hurry up and do not make customers wait! Fulfill customer orders and get rewards!

Game Features:

Save time and money simply by using the cheating codes Cooking Rush in the game. Grow your business and buy new restaurants. The meaning of the game is that gradually moving from one cafe to another. You turn the heroine into just the queen of cooking.

Cooking Rush cheat

Compete against friends or other players in cook tournaments. The game has very high quality 3D graphics, solid animation. Fun music. In addition, the game is completely free and available on Android and iOS devices. Good luck everyone! To get more features, we suggest you use the new Demon Slayer Ⅱ Mobile hack for free.

Hacking Cooking Rush Cheats for Android and iOS for free:

  • Get + 590,000 Gold – IDZM7WLM91
  • Block Ads – UAD3EUU5UH
  • Unlock 4 items in the game for free – R7GU7Z4T38


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