Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game, this is a new game from the company FTX Games LTD. In it, you can take part in high-profile investigations with a professional team. The game is free, you can download it on the platform Android, iOS. Therefore, there are purchases in it, for money you can get access to paid episodes. To gain access for free, learn how to use Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game hacked using bonus codes. This is the easiest and safest way to unlock all functions and parts of the game.

About the game

Download mod games, you become part of the FBI team. Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game is an opportunity to plunge into all parts and become part of TV shows. Investigate tasks with CBS, Criminal Minds and enjoy the opportunity to become part of the team. The most outstanding minds, famous characters and challenging tasks. Use the skills of all characters to investigate the case and find the culprit. Each action will be rewarded with points, as well as additional awards.

Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game codes

As many watched the show, it will be interesting to be in the center of the story. In addition to the investigation stage, you will be able to observe the moment of the crime. Brutal scenes, a lot of blood and horror. Therefore, the game is available for download to adults. If you watched the show, you know these characters: Rossi, Prentiss, Reid, J.J., Garcia, Lewis, Alvez and Simmons. They will help you throughout the game, paid episodes of Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game can be unlocked for free using bonus codes. This feature is available to users on Android, IOS platforms. Also, you can download free Parking King.

Game process

Starting the game, you find yourself in the middle of the action. From your dexterity, observation will depend on the investigation process. Collect evidence, interview witnesses to complete the puzzle. Experts from different areas will help you by completing various tasks. It is necessary to exclude all suspects and prove the guilt of the killer. Often tasks have time limits, practice to act decisively. Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game, is a fascinating simulator with dozens of crime scenes and challenging tasks.

Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game cheat

To keep society safe, you need to analyze and manage the BAU team. The criminal situation in the city will depend on your abilities. Your actions will be decisive; work to eliminate mistakes and quickly conduct investigations. Each story of the game is unique and has many secrets. Consistently open new evidence will bring clarity to the cause.

Game features

• The free game has several episodes with unique tasks and tasks.
• Free Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game unlock episodes by using bonus codes.
• Detective stories, the opportunity to become part of the FBI system and work in a team with professionals.
• Become a member of the most powerful team, investigating horrendous crimes.
• Each episode is fraught with new things and complex missions.
• Work with professionals and show off your abilities in investigations.
• Fantasy, observation, consistency and work with facts. Learn to become a member of the brightest team.
• The game has a wide variety of levels, tasks.
• Ability to play with famous characters from the series.
• Earn badges and level up with codes.

Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game mod

Graphics and sounds

After downloading the game, from the first minutes you can appreciate the high-quality and bright graphics. Like diving into a TV series, you can watch the killings. But the motives and criminals will have to be found with complete lack of understanding of what happened. Icons Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game will unlock new jobs and raise your level. This will open up new, more interesting and intricate tasks. Using cheat codes, anyone can unlock paid episodes for Android, iOS. Faster through the levels and earn badges.

Cheat codes Criminal Minds: The Mobile Game hack:

  • Episode 3 – Ashes to Ashes $ 3.99 – IV5H3YUKT1
  • Play Episode 2 – Life Hacks $ 3.99 – 8YMKY45QKQ
  • Episode 4 – Final Confessions $ 3.99 – BW93QJKCPG
  • Episode 5 – Field Day $ 3.9 – PNCBKHD27U
  • Season Pass (Full Game) $ 13.99 – O25NNI08SJ


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