Flame Dragon Knights hack is an exciting, classic mobile game. It is created in the genre of turn-based strategy. Here you are waiting for unique characters presented in an elegant design, as well as exciting new storylines. In this game you will enjoy a fascinating story and together with charming characters you will travel through a fantastic new world. The world, which was created based on legends and stories.

Use Flame Dragon Knights cheats to quickly and free improve gameplay. Embark on an epic adventure in a mysterious world. Meet the battlefield with the mighty Great Demon! You are waiting for the great battles with legendary weapons from a huge arsenal. But be careful – after all, every choice is fateful! Also, every player has the opportunity to use the new Bike Rider Mobile: Moto Race Highway for free.

Description and essence of the game:

Very often, players want to download the Flame Dragon Knights mod to get free money. But you do not need to do this. The game takes us back to Maraterra, where the whole story unfolds. Ominous events violate the undisturbed peace that reigned here. In the story, the Key of Spirits awakens, and with the return of the ancient heroes, the Demon itself returns. He was imprisoned in the Hall of Souls. Forty years later, he stole the Key of Mirrors and searches for the Key of Spirits. Once he finds and combines the two keys into one, he will be able to destroy the city. You, as the main character, were entrusted to him, in the hope of saving Maraterra from imminent danger.

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You have to manage the heroes leading the battle army of mythical creatures. Gameplay takes place in the fictional fantasy world. But the main action takes place on the strategic adventure map of the game, on which all the characters move. Here you have a choice, provided, more than 100 characters to collect. In addition, you can use countless strategies. With their help, you can go through more than 150 stages with 3 levels of difficulty. At each level you need for a free game currency, improve and combine your heroes to develop a strategy for battles.

Free resources:

Flame Dragon Knights codes are exactly what you are looking for, so use these secrets faster. This is very important because, in the game, hardcore survival mode, where you have to survive more than 10 fights. You have to overcome very difficult stages on unique special maps. Also, the game modes allow you to fight with the enemy, both on separate maps, and in the form of passing the game against others in a multiplayer game. The main storyline of the game is the destruction of the Demon. The process itself is based on spectacular battles with the enemy and puzzles of varying difficulty.

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To earn free resources, you need to join WORLD ARENA, for development in the seasonal chest. Also important are the battles in the Test Tower. If you challenge the floors of the Tower, then you will collect the elementary resources. Perform weekly and monthly original quests. Gamex Gamex developers have offered a collection of unique anime manga heroes to all fans of role-playing games.

Game features:

This is a very elegant and not complicated game. 3D graphics are very colorful and bright. Dynamic shadows are supported, the detailing is improved, a very realistic picture and a built storyline. Version of the game is available for free on Android and Ios to all players. Good luck!

Cheats Flame Dragon Knights hacked for Android and Ios:

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  • Unlock 3 items in the game – K-t89
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