When it seemed that the game Pokémon Go had outlived itself, and it was replaced by other games like Jurassic World Alive, Ghostbusters World and others like them, Nintendo with Niantic seemed to have a second wind.

At first they began to expand the territory of the spread of the game. So, Russia officially received the release of Pokemon Go 2 years after the first release. Recently, the developer also announced a new feature, with which it will be possible to receive in-game rewards even without the included application, simply by following a certain number of steps.

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go review:

The next step is to release a full-fledged controller specifically for the game. Yes, it is worth noting that the future Poke Ball will be available for the Pokemon: Let’s Go series of games, but this does not deprive it of its original appeal.

He is a Pokebol familiar to all fans of pocket monsters with a single button. If inside you have a Pokemon, then it will be enough to throw his backpack and collect items on all Pokestop, if it is empty, then it will vibrate when approaching, and you will need to press a button to get the same result.

It is also interesting that you will literally feel that Pokémon is inside, because Pokebol will vibrate and make the sounds of the corresponding monster.


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