Take part in battles, collect a team in the game Gears POP and challenge real players. Multiplayer strategy has dozens of different heroes and villains. Therefore, everyone can assemble a team with a unique composition and challenge in real time. Gears Universe has a large number of features with which you will meet. Hacked Gears POP into coins and other resources is an opportunity to create a strong and big team.

About the game

Gears POP for Android, this is a game from Microsoft Corporation. Since the requirements for developers of this level are very high, the game does not always get good ratings. Despite this, downloading the mod, you get the original game with a lot of content. It will give you pleasure, if not to build too high expectations. Each battle, it is primarily additional experience and skills.

Gears POP cheat

To fight in real time, you will need access to the Internet. Therefore, do not be surprised advertising. Despite this, the game is quite balanced. A explosive battle in real time. This is a real challenge to your strategic skills. Each character in the game is unique, he will please you with new skills and abilities. It is necessary to make decisions quickly and change tactics in battles with strong players.

Game process

First of all, you need to get acquainted with the characters, in the game there are close to 30 characters. Gears POP mod for a lot of money is the ability to open chests and get access to the most powerful heroes. With a lot of money, you can start every fight with a new team. Unlock upgrades and get access to strong characters. Access to rare characters will allow you to get a significant advantage during the passage of the game.

Collectors in the game have an advantage. Since rare heroes can be obtained from paid chests, it will be difficult to fight against donators. Gears POP cheats both for coins and gold, this is an opportunity to freely receive resources and unlock various members of a squad. Quick change of tactics and skills to change the course of the battle will allow you to have excellent statistics of victories. Also, we recommend to download other hackedĀ Racing Xtreme 2.

Gears POP mod

Interesting battles in which gamers meet against each other. Each has 3 towers, as in Clash Roysle and a set of maps. You can use them based on the amount of manna. Create your own and unique squad with rare players to surprise your opponent. Additionally, keep secret the last powerful card to surprise your opponent. Free Gears POP lot of money can be obtained in the form of awards, or a set of resources.

Graphics and sounds

The game has excellent 3D graphics and detailed elements. Optimization and effects will allow to receive pleasures, and sounds will only add experience. This is a unique experience, try a new game from a well-known software developer. Having learned to use cheat codes, you get the opportunity to unlock powerful abilities and rare skills. This advantage is available to users on Android, iOS. Follow the prompts and enjoy the game without shopping.

Gears pop hack, Android and iOS, free:

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  • 5,000 gold – NHB_1dubFs
  • Disable advertising in the game – Q7n_4KeYKl


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