We present you the game HELI 100. This game is provided by the developers of Tree Men Games. Here you can have fun and excitement of your time. Because you just have to fly and shoot at enemies. But along with this, you have the opportunity to feel yourself in the role of a real pilot of a combat helicopter. Bonus codes in the game Grand Street Racing Tour for Android are available for free.

You have to battle with the whole armada of enemy aircraft. You will have to show and show all your skill and reaction. Feel free to start the game and cheer yourself up! You can use the HELI 100 hack and get all the virtual currency quickly and for free.

The essence of the game and description:

If you want to become a leader, we suggest you use the additional HELI 100 cheats. Do not be afraid if at first everything seems very complicated to you. It only looks complicated at first glance, but believe me – it is not.

HELI 100 hack

You just have to control a helicopter that flies over the city. In this case, you need to eliminate all the enemies who want to destroy you and the city. Bravely stand guard! In addition, you have to go through a variety of complex missions, where the goal is to destroy all enemy lethal vehicles. You will be attacked by other lethal vehicles.

Secrets and tips:

HELI 100 Money Cheats will help you become a leader in this arcade game for free. All hostilities take place inside the designated zone. You will immediately see it, it looks like a red circle, along the path of which there are so-called bunkers.

If you happen to be outside this zone, you lose. So, try to be careful and agile that you are not pushed out of it. The shooting itself is carried out automatically, everything is required of you to perform maneuvers and precisely aim the sight at the enemy. As you progress through the missions, you will earn yourself points that allow you to use new skills.

HELI 100 android

They are a jerk and improvement. They will be useful in the most difficult situations. In each mission, the enemy will become stronger and larger. The most important thing is to shoot down as many enemy aircraft as possible. Try not to miss a single enemy to win and complete all the missions and levels. The biggest battle awaits you with the biggest enemy. Additionally, use the new free Gunspell 2 hack.

Game Features:

Apply acceleration skills: fly up to the zone of the bunker, and push off strongly, this is acceleration. Then you can break away from the enemy. Destroying the largest lethal device, you will earn free money, and much progress towards victory.

Spend money to buy new skills and buy new and powerful planes. To survive and win skillfully use your improvements. Show your friends how to fly a helicopter. Hacked HELI 100 for Android and iOS will allow you to do this for free.

This is a single-screen game. She is a very interesting themed arcade game for each mission. It has intuitive controls. Various tasks are available to complete. During the battle, there is a dynamic musical accompaniment. There is a bright and colorful 3D graphics. The game takes place in a fun and accessible way. In addition, the game is available completely free on Android and Ios for all players. Be sure to try playing this interesting game. Good luck

HELI 100 Android and iOS hacking free:

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