I Am Monster Idle Destruction, this is a new action game. You can download the mod for free on Android, iOS platform. To get crystals and a lot of money in the game, just learn how to use cheat codes. First of all, it is an opportunity to quickly raise the level and unlock paid items. Hacked I Am Monster Idle Destruction, this is an opportunity to unlock monsters and special skills. The article is available guide on Android, iOS platform, follow the prompts and get a lot of money.

Destroy the city

Colorful action game will allow you to turn into a monster and begin to destroy the city. Maud I Am Monster Idle Destruction provides extensive experience, various features and functions. Caught in a strange city, they begin to attack you, armed vehicles and military. Therefore, you need to defend yourself in order to stay alive. Deal the enemy with special skills, unlock new features.

I Am Monster Idle Destruction mod

The game is very similar to the clicker, but has a large number of functions and freedoms. Move around the city, repelling attacks and attacking the enemy. The higher the level, the more damage you can do. Having earned money, you can upgrade your abilities and unlock new features. Spend crystals to upgrade skills and gain new abilities. This will help to become a powerful monster and reach unprecedented heights.

Gameplay and control

Dominate the city landscapes, thanks to simple controls, everyone can cope with the monster. I Am Monster Idle Destruction for Android can be controlled with one finger, it can move independently. But you can use special attacks using special buttons. At the bottom of the screen are additional abilities. These attacks cause maximum damage and can speed up the process of passing the level.

Every sortie into the city is an opportunity to earn I Am Monster Idle Destruction crystals and grow. Constantly increase the size, which will destroy more powerful objects. Collect a collection of monsters and choose a loved one. Each of them has unique abilities and a set of skills. The larger the size, the wider the range of abilities and capabilities. To become the most powerful, you will need purchases, or bonus codes.

I Am Monster Idle Destruction cheat

The game will take a lot of fun, the ability to dominate the city and destroy everything will help get rid of the arrow. Collect I Am Monster Idle Destruction materials, crystals, and money to expand your list of options. Thanks to a wide variety of skills, everyone can create a unique character. Share achievements in social networks, unlock new heroes and become the most powerful. In addition, we recommed you to use free hacked Road Rampage game.

Graphics and sounds

The colorful game has bright 3D graphics and high detail. Since there are 6 monsters in the game, each has a unique look and a set of abilities. Special effects will help move to the center of events and get pleasure from what is happening. Destroy cities, destroy streets making your way through obstacles. Bonus codes for crystals will give freedom of shopping and allow you to unlock valuable items and items.

I Am Monster Idle Destruction Hack, Mod & Cheats:

  • 50,000 crystals for free, codes for a lot of money – YqBwsDLqY
  • Disable advertising in the game – KajUMBMWS


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