Full version of the game Jungle Adventures 3, sets of game currency for free, bonuses, codes and cheats in the game. Hacked Jungle Adventures 3, tips for passing on Android, iOS. Tips and secrets of passage, additions and tips. All boosters will help to quickly gain access to all elements of the game. Participate in interesting events, collect fruits and meet new characters. Using the tips, you can play for free without shopping.

A new game with the journey of your favorite character Addu. In the story, he witnessed the abduction of furry animals by stupid thieves. And if you ruled the previous version of the game with candy, then this time you will collect fruit. Catch the villains in the forest, collect fruits to develop abilities. Gather a team of friends, use helpers to achieve the goal. Every day new tasks and opportunities.

Jungle Adventures 3 mod

Exciting adventures

Tragic events forced to start a new journey through the dark forests. Many obstacles and traps and exciting adventures for friends Addu. Jungle Adventures 3 for Android will suit a gamer of different ages. This is an interesting pastime and exciting events. Fluffy heroes, amazing adventures and various worlds. Navigate through moving platforms, collect maximum fruits. Save the Mecha family, this is the main mission of the game.

Since the game is free, it has ads and purchases. The full version of the game on iOS is available to players who know how to use bonus codes. This will expand the list of tasks and allow you to experience the full experience. Tragic events and challenges for your skills. Thanks to convenient management, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time for training. And for those who played Jungle Adventures 2, the game will be familiar and clear from the moment of the first launch. Only heroes, tasks and plot have changed.

Game features

  • Proceedings of the famous series, additional tasks and quests.
  • Favorite characters can be combined to help each other.
  • Dozens of exciting and interesting assignments.
  • Combinations of travel and battles.
  • Meeting with the bosses.
  • Workers cheats Jungle Adventures 3.
  • Bright graphics, beautiful design. new places.
  • The game is interesting for gamers of different ages.

Jungle Adventures 3 cheat

Downloading the game you get the opportunity to experience a combination of fun and exciting research. And thanks to the beautiful design, the game will move to the world with amazing effects. Pleasant voice only complement the picture and promotes immersion. Dozens of different obstacles, new achievements and bonuses. Using boosters and Jungle Adventures 3 codes, everyone can get additional sets of resources in their account. Share achievements in the comments, as well as with friends on social networks. Also, you can use hacked Westland Survival game for free.

If you are familiar with this series of games, then the new part will give new impressions. Difficult challenges with bosses, trials and quests. Testing your skills requires training. And having reached the test, you will be ready to accept the challenge and win. Valuable rewards and extra boosters are guaranteed.

Jungle Adventures 3 Hack, Cheats for Android, iOS:

  • Get the full version of the game – M7s9GzElNW
  • Combined set – DQ0fbULtcK
  • Large set of resources – Mx29tNf4b0
  • Unlock Paid Skins – CVjrtgw2Mn
  • Disable advertising in the game – NA1LKbYMRq


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