Download Kick the Buddy for free for Google Plya, Apple Store. This free game will allow you to relieve stress and let off steam. Hundreds of millions of users around the world have downloaded the game to cheer themselves up. Thanks to a huge arsenal of weapons and the choice for destruction, you can experience a unique experience. Hacked Kick the Buddy, this is a lot of money, free purchases and unlimited possibilities. To get all the benefits, it is not necessary to download the mod, or break the rules of the game. The article contains codes and hints for passing.

Interesting experience

If the mood is suppressed and you want to kick someone, then the game will be a great way out. Downloading Kick the Buddy mod provides an extensive experience of brutal methods of violence. The game developer is Playgendary, and this is always a serious approach to creating games. Participate in torture, inflict maximum damage to the doll, thereby freeing yourself from stress. Beat, shoot, destroy the character and earn extra points. Since the variety of traps and functions is very large, everyone can experience a unique experience.

Kick the Buddy cheat

Funny and entertaining game can scare their cruelty. This is only at first glance, because the character is fictional, and the gameplay is entertaining. At first, the game may show too cruel, but Buddy will not keep you angry. At any time, he is ready to take a hit, and you use different tools to inflict maximum damage. The virtual game is created for entertainment, therefore the voice acting and graphics are appropriate. Kick the Buddy a lot of money will go to the purchase of special attacks, powerful explosions and other functions. You can get them using bonus codes, or using purchases. Also, you can download hackedĀ Kitty Catsanova.

How to play

The game is very simple, just touch the screen to perform actions. Not every game allows you to take the role of a torturer, so here you will be able to come off. Without restrictions, start the game at any time and start tormenting the doll. Thanks to the tasks and quests it acquires meaning and you need to develop your skills. Use explosives, bombs and other weapons to deal maximum damage. Each time it is a unique experience and an interesting adventure. Kick the Buddy is very exciting and interesting thanks to the unique gameplay and freedom that a player has.

Perform tasks, earn experience and unlock new tools for torture. Thanks to the freedom of choice, everyone can use their favorite tools. Thanks to frequent game updates, developers add new weapons, traps, bombs, and other items. Since the arsenal is very large, a gamer can use the yoke by spending money with Kick the Buddy. Each time a gamer can create a unique combination of painful tests for a doll. This is an interesting experiment with unique features. Not every time you know what to expect from the test and research. Download the game and enjoy the cruel test of the doll.

Since the game has been downloaded by more than 50 million users, the developers maintain and update the game. New tools, methods and quests will delight fans of the genre. Using cheat codes, you can always be the first to experience new weapons and other items.

Kick the Buddy mod

Graphics and sounds

Games from the company Playgendary, it is always a bright and colorful adventure. High clarity of the picture, traced elements and effects from each weapon. It will deliver aesthetic pleasure, and unique sounds only enhance the effect. Since the game is made in 2D, it will not take up much space on your smartphone. While playing, you move into a cartoon with lots of fun and colorful elements. Develop your skills and get rewards for achievement. Kick the Buddy mod a lot of money, it is an opportunity to unlock paid items and expand the experience.

First of all it is a great opportunity to relieve stress and distract. Reset negative energy, destroy the doll and invent new methods. With a variety of features and weapons, you can experience a unique and relaxing experience.

Kick the Buddy hack, Android and iOS Cheats:

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  • 50,000 gold – MNL93NMAH
  • Blood! – BFHPIMQDI
  • Safe of Bucks – WIQQHP9P3
  • Disable ads – LMSNTGM1N


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