Everyone can experience the new game Kingdom Alive OBT from the company mobirix. This is a free role-playing game with dozens of unique characters and great features. Create a team of heroes to challenge the strongest rivals. Each new victory is extra money, precious stones. First of all, you need to develop the power of the team, raise the level of skills in order to quickly deal with opponents. Hacked Kingdom Alive OBT, these are free purchases and unlimited opportunities. Follow the prompts and enjoy the abundance of resources.

Thrilling battles

Since this is a beta version, there is no point in reaching great heights. Kingdom Alive OBT on Android will allow you to replenish your account with resources and unlock a large amount of content. This experience will allow you to build a powerful tower and build a strong team for fighting. Combine up to 9 players to control their skills and use skills to defeat opponents. Thanks to the story and a separate story of each character, you can plunge into exciting adventures.

Kingdom Alive OBT cheat

Role-playing game will please fans with a wide variety of characters. Win to unlock new characters and opportunities. You also need tactics, it is necessary to skillfully spend the strength of the team. Since the victory brings valuable rewards and additional resources, you need to strive to strike the enemy first. Exciting fights will end with the beta test, but with the codes you can quickly develop and become top players.

Game process

Dive into an interesting story, the Kingdom Alive OBT mod gives you extensive experience and unlimited opportunities to create a team. Try to conquer the world, build a strong team to become the master of Pandora. Strategic thinking will serve as an excellent service. Unlock dozens of heroes and experiment. Thanks to the great story you can plunge into history and experience a unique experience.

Kingdom Alive OBT codes

First you need to concentrate on the enemy tower. Destroy heroes using your character’s manna and skills. Thanks to a wide variety of weapons and equipment, everyone can create a unique team. And thanks to the black market for trade in items, you can get rare and powerful items. Kingdom Alive OBT cheats for gold and gems, it is primarily rare items. This advantage is available to users on Android, iOS. Also, we recommend you to use additional hacked Carton Wars for free.

Kingdom Alive OBT game features:

• Role-playing game from a famous developer.
• Dozens of unique characters, each with special and unique skills.
• Expeditions and studies will open access to new elements and objects.
• Protect the world from the enemy kingdom and immerse yourself in a thoughtful storyline.
• Kingdom Alive OBT unlimited money, these are free purchases and a passing advantage.
• Ability to use tactics and outwit the enemy.
• Dozens of characters, skills and unlimited possibilities. Everyone has the opportunity to create a unique team.

Kingdom Alive OBT mod

Graphics and sounds

Beautiful 3D graphics, vivid and unique characters and effects. Since each has unique and rare abilities, you can combine them. Thanks to the management, you yourself can manage team skills and influence the course of the battle. Using tricks, it is easy to unlock rare characters and exclusive weapons. Follow the prompts and get access to paid content.

Kingdom Alive OBT Hack, Cheats for Android & iOS:

  • 50,000 gold – O4rpp_7yc4
  • 5,000 diamonds – K8fna_7N2d


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