Mad City is an exciting action game in which you will have a very large number of possibilities. You will move around the city with or without a car and complete the assigned tasks. But do not forget to take a weapon with you, because without it you cannot cope when gangsters attack you or when you need to take something away or rob someone. All dreamers who wanted to at least try to become president, now you can try your hand at an amazing simulator – President Simulator.

The game is somewhat similar to GTA, but of course the legendary action is far away for her, but the game is equally exciting. An entire city will be opened before you, some quarters will not be accessible at first, but then you can unblock them. Pass one level after another, namely the missions and tasks that you have been assigned. In your arsenal there will be a weapon that you can also not only update, but also buy a new, more powerful one.

Mad City mod

Mad City on Android

In the game you will need a huge amount of resources to buy and improve everything. Of course you will be able to select resources from other players or ordinary civilians. But then the police chase, even helicopters, can follow you. Then it will be very difficult to leave, but it is possible. Since we offer you our Mad City codes for money and life, it will become so easy to play that you will get great pleasure from the game. Also, use new hacked Ski Safari game for free.

Secrets and Tips

Hacked Mad City for Android and iOS, these are new features in the game, now you need just a few minutes and all the improvements and free purchases are in your hands. No longer need to download mod Mad City or other settings. Everything is so simple and accessible that even an inexperienced player can handle the cheats. If before you had to enter real money into the game or personal information, then now it is not necessary. All the detailed information you can see on the website by clicking on the link below. Our codes are not only free, but also as safe as possible for any of your devices. and you can enter them into the game many times.

Mad City cheat


Mad City is a third-person action game like GTA with a large metropolis. The player will be able to come off here to the fullest, committing various crimes. Here you can rob banks, engage in gunfights with gangs and police, steal cars, get away from chases and perform various tasks. In this case, the user has the opportunity to try out numerous units of firearms and a huge fleet of vehicles. In addition to all this, gamers will surely enjoy high-quality graphics and special effects, as well as convenient control.

Cheats Mad City Hack for Android and iOS:

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  • To get 5,000 lives in the game, use the code, for free – MC8uhfy5
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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