Majesty is the favorite strategy of many players. Here you have to fight with dragons. They hate people and will do everything possible to avoid them. You will have your kingdom, which must be protected not only from dragons. There are a lot of different monsters wandering around. Who are just waiting for how to quickly crush everything in their path. Fans of action games in which you can transform and destroy zombies and other monsters, this is 2.

Secrets and Tips:

Since dragons have a real allergy to humans, there will be no end to their anger. It all started a long time ago, when one person killed the dragon on purpose, then they got angry at all of humanity and began to eradicate it. In your arsenal there will be a lot of weapons that you can not only buy, but also improve. Towers also need constant updating and protection.

Majesty mod

You must always be ready for possible attacks, because the enemy does not warn. For all purchases and improvements you will need a huge amount of resources. Without them, can not cope. After all, I don’t want to introduce real money into the game. And with the Majesty cheats for money, you can safely perform any actions in the game, for free.

Interesting facts and features in the game:

  • More than 30 types of available buildings.
  • 10 heroes that have many options, and you can constantly improve their quality.
  • Many spells that can be used against all enemies.
  • Monsters are very different and with different abilities.
  • Several game modes.
  • Many missions that need to complete to go to the next level.
  • Nice graphics and not complicated gameplay.
  • Day and night, and also the weather.

Hacked Majesty for Android and iOS, will give you a lot of opportunities. Now all the features in the game are free, and improvements and purchases can be made as much as you want. You no longer need to download Majesty mod apk. Entering real money and personal data into the game is also not needed. If you have any questions, you can easily see the instructions for use below on the site. Secure codes are ours, so you can be calm about all your devices you use. Finally, you can use the codes many times and all the time for free.

Majesty cheat


Majesty Fantasy Kingdom Sim – a strategy that offers the player to become the ruler of a fairy kingdom and ensure its dignified existence. To do this, it is necessary to constantly address issues related to the economy, culture, expansion of territories and construction of new buildings. The user will also engage in battles with monsters and other kingdoms, for which you need to have a capable army. In battles, you must use not only the power of warriors, but also magic spells that will help to win on opponents.

Hack Majesty Cheat codes for Android and iOS:

  • Get 800 000 money in the game, you can use the code – M-u76tyr44
  •  No Ads – U-rh03g9f



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