Destroy pinti, collect coins and complete quests. Pinatamasters, is a free game on Android, iOS from a famous developer. The Playgendary team is the developer of such well-known games: Flip the Gun, Tank Stars and other bestsellers. This time they released an endless clicker with colorful elements and heroes. Since you are waiting for a large number of trips, be prepared for serious challenges. Hacked Pinatamasters, this is primarily an opportunity to get a lot of money on the account and unlock paid features.

About the game

A colorful arcade with bright pins and endless struggle. Pinatamasters mod is a lot of money, it is an opportunity to quickly become stronger and unlock more powerful items. Since this is a clicker, there are enough items in the game available for purchase. Every time you can improve your skills, upgrade skills and increase strength.

Get coins and upgrade hero. This will do more damage in one click. Accelerating the process will allow you to open new items and items. During the game, you can change the hero, buy more powerful weapons, as well as change the appearance. Each achievement brings valuable rewards in the form of bonuses, new discoveries. Free Pinatamasters can be downloaded on Android, iOS. You can also use bonus codes and enable paid features, without making purchases. In addition, you can use other hack, for example Super Chef.

Pinatamasters mod

Game process, coins

Since the game is as simple as possible, a lot depends on the coins. With their help, you can unlock new weapons and upgrade your character. This will allow you to become stronger and faster to cope with new difficulties. Pinatamasters cheats are endless updates and room for improvement. Buy different types of weapons and share skins on social networks. First of all watch the weapon, each update brings new items for purchase.

Thanks to optimization, the game takes up little space, but gives an extensive experience. So you can navigate through different points and destroy more and more pinats. It is very important to do this as quickly as possible, the stronger you will be, the less time you spend on purchases. Break the pinata and get coins Pinatamasters. This game is a great way to spend time with interest. Following the prompts, everyone can get a lot of money on the account.

Pinatamasters cheat

Graphics and sounds

Arcade takes only 35 MB of free time, but gives extensive experience. Dozens of locations, hundreds of items and weapons. Each of them has a unique look and gives new opportunities. Spend your coins to thaw harder and destroy pinats. Valuable rewards and rare items are available for VIP users. This feature can be enabled for free using the

Pinatamasters codes.

Using these tricks will untie the hands and will significantly improve the result. Discover new opportunities and become many times stronger. Feel free to set new records, all improvements are available with the presence of coins.

Cheats Pinatamasters hack, Android and iOS:

  • x2 coins – WP1B77K9T
  • 1,000,000 coins – IISNTRE7O
  • VIP status – 80I95MS8Q
  • Disable ads – OHDI7DOMG


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