What mobile game developers have learned to do perfectly is to present their games. They create pretty good, often cinematic trailers; they lure you with a really good picture, which, even if it doesn’t compare with the PC level, looks decent on small screens. Promise competent combination of the single-player campaign and multiplayer elements. So that it will be interesting for you to play both yourself and in the company of friends, and sometimes against them.

And so you go to another “real strategy” on mobiles. Which is called something like “Royale Civilizations’ Rivals of Clashing Empires and Lords”. And you understand that there is nothing new in it. But you realize that it is these games that are on the tops of the charts, really attract millions of players and develop. Will it ever change? Unknown. In the meantime, on the review of Rise of Civilizations. Which once again promised something new, but it looks like everything that we have seen before.

Beginning of the game

It all starts with the choice of civilization. At the moment there are 8 options in the game: Rome, Britain, Spain, Germany, France, China, Japan and Korea. Each of them has its own unique unit and a set of advantages, for example, enhanced infantry attack, increased defense, accelerated construction, and so on. You can use some secrets Rise of Civilizations for free.

Behind this starts a very cool cinematic movie. It is not fully animated, but it looks interesting. Three-dimensional models, high-quality lighting, atmospheric music and voice. Such a start really sets up a global Sid Meier’s Civilization.

Rise of Civilizations secrets

But then the game begins, and the illusions disappear. First of all, it is connecting with the inevitable feeling that all this has already happened somewhere. The way it is! You become the ruler of a small settlement surrounded by walls with a basic set of buildings. Including the town hall, the barracks, the warehouse, the hospital, and the builders’ hut.

You are not thrown off the bat, but first they are introduced to the gameplay. Which, again, will be familiar to everyone who has played similar mobile strategies. For the first half hour, an adviser will follow you, who will tell about each of the elements of the game.
The first time the gameplay will consist solely of the execution of tasks. They are quite simple, provide for the actions that you would have performed and are well rewarded. There were moments when I was performing 10-15 tasks at a time, without even realizing it. In the end, I sat and just received awards, at the same time thinking, but where was it all spending ?!

Secrets and Tips Rise of Civilizations:

You will do a lot of construction. This is a very non-trivial exercise. Simply select the desired building from the list of available buildings, look for a place for it and place it. All buildings can then be moved. Places will not be enough, but with later levels you will be able, firstly, to clear your territory of the forest, and secondly, it is banal to expand the boundaries.

It is equally important to pump buildings. The development of an entire civilization depends on this process (strange as it may sound). Thus, the transition from one century to another is possible only after reaching a certain level of the town hall – the main building in the city. But in order to pump it, the walls are necessary, and the walls, too, simply do not improve. In addition, each of the actions requires either time or precious stones, of which at the beginning of the game there is enough headache, but there is a feeling that this will not always be the case.

Another seemingly important element of the gameplay that disappoints me when we look at it in detail is battles. Reducing the scale of the map, you get out of your settlement and find yourself on a large-scale territory, where you can see the civilizations of other players and wandering barbarians. There are no turn-based battles, or even animation. You simply indicate with whom you want to engage in a skirmish, let down your squad, and the battle begins.

Rise of Civilizations tips

Non-obvious things

I admit, I did not get the slightest pleasure from the game.

However, this does not mean that she does not like the rest, because, as I said, such projects have a very wide audience. However, the usual frustration or irritation that I usually experience when studying games in which there are a lot of free elements, timers and everything like that, was not there either. I was just upset. Upset that a good idea, music, voice, picture and animations are spent solely on donatnyh ideas, designed only to bring money to developers. If you want to use some hack Rise of Civilizations, you can fing them on this site.

And it would be fine if the developers simply did not know how to do it. But there are amazing examples in the face of Sid Meier’s Civilization, the Endless series and others. And Rise of Civilizations even has something to boast at certain moments: great videos and overall picture quality. If it was interesting to play this strategy, I would like to open it for the sake of the picture too.

Additional pluses:

It has elements typical of adult projects, but they work on themselves and almost do not attract the attention of the player. For example, who would have thought that in the strategy, where everything is built on Donat, there will be a tree of technology development, pumping of military leaders and, what is most unexpected for me personally, full reports on battles.

You really get letters that indicate how long the battle lasted, how many warriors you lost, how effective they were, and so on. And it looks amazing. No matter how silly it may sound, but at such moments you feel like someone close to real battles, a person for whom tactics are not empty words. But the negative point is that there is simply nowhere to use the information received. Look once, second … and stop even opening these reports, because reports will not help you to become better or change the approach to combat.


In some places you can read the descriptions of a particular era or learn the history of warriors who are at your disposal. This is very appropriate for this kind of game, but I also do not really want to remain in it just to look for such facts.

There are also expeditions here – such raids for yourself, where you send your troops to fight against the enemy, who with each stage becomes stronger. This is an interesting format if the game were present, and it ends at the moment where you indicate where the troops should go.

Multiplayer elements
There is in the game and multiplayer. You can help the neighboring states in their battles against the barbarians or toss resources to them.

Sometimes there are really interesting moments when, for example, you are heading for an enemy squad and see that another player’s cavalry is racing from the opposite side. This greatly changes nothing, but the sensation of interaction really appears. Finally, there are clans in which you can unite, fulfilling common goals and investing in the joint development of technologies.

Rise of Civilizations review

BlueStacks 4

I played in Rise of Civilizations with the new version of the emulator BlueStacks 4, and this is the only place where there are no complaints. And without that great picture looks very juicy on the big screen. No freezes or long downloads.

And when you get use to the interface – the button configurator turns out to be very useful. I just installed on those places on the screen, where I most often pressed, the necessary keys and saved precious time. If you are planning a long-term development in the game, then they will definitely be irreplaceable.

Findings in Rise of Civilizations:

Mobile games are releasing to the market by large publishers. Who want to make money themselves, and provide decent wages to the people who worked on them. But I always wonder how the latter feel, realizing that their project will never enter a certain hall of fame of mobile games and will not leave warm memories for the players?

If they do not care, then they do an excellent job with their work. And you, if you like free strategies implemented in all modern standard, but with a clear influence of the free distribution model, you should definitely try Rise of Civilizations – in some ways it really tries to experiment and bring the genre to a new level.


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