Now that all gaming smartphones and expected flagships have already been announced and are preparing to enter the market, you can talk about more experimental. But not less interesting things – for example, about bendable smartphones.

We have repeatedly said that Samsung’s plans in this regard are more than serious and were waiting for the full announcement next year. But whether the rumors were unreliable, or the recent announcement of FlexPai. It is spurred Koreans and they began to quite clearly tizer a bendable device using the following logo on their Twitter.

Such a teaser can be considered the official confirmation of the existence of something in the depths of the company, and already on November 7-8 at the Samsung Developer Conference we are waiting for a more substantial announcement.

New Samsung Inifinity-V

It is assumed that the Galaxy F (or Galaxy Infinity-V) will receive an OLED-screen and a 3000 mAh battery. In the bent state, it will be a 4.6-inch smartphone, and when unfolded it will be a 7.29-inch tablet.


While the views of those interested are focused on the slider technology. Xiaomi showed Mi Mix 3, Honor will demonstrate Magic 2 today, Inifinity-V and Lenovo may present Z5 Pro tomorrow. This trend has arisen suddenly, and it is not known for sure how much it will take root. But the bendable displays have been discussed for a long time and almost with foaming at the mouth.

Next year, Samsung was among the first to introduce a device called the Galaxy F. At least that was how it should have been called before. Now there is a chance that the name will be Infinity-V. And if the letter F meant “foldable”, that is, folding, then V represents the smartphone in the bent state.

This assumption was made after Samsung registered this trademark in South Korea. Already on November 7, Samsung Developer Conference will be held, at which the company can make at least some hint. If this happens, then in January you can wait for a full announcement.


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