Game Save Cat, this is a new puzzle from the company Fastona Games. Download mod on Android for free. To get a lot of money, you need to have codes and learn how to use hints. Coins allow you to buy paid items and get additional tips. Hacked Save Cat gives the ability to use coins without restrictions. First of all, it is a quick passage and free purchases.

Solve the puzzle

The game is an exciting puzzle, in it you need to help the cat get to the fish. Save Cat mod has many tips and boosters to help cope with the task. First of all, learn to draw big boulders and dump them into the pond. Use realistic physics. Thrown into the water object must have the correct form to push the fish to the shore. Thus, the cat will not go hungry, and you can go to the next task.

Save Cat mod

In the story of the game, the kitten was left abandoned in the park. And only you can not die of hunger. Each job is a real challenge for the mind. Consequently, you will need hints and additional boosters to cope with the task. At first glance, the game may seem simple, but with increasing levels, the tasks become more complex and new opportunities open up. Draw shapes and raise the rank, you can also share your achievements in social networks.

Game process

Save Cat on Android, is an addictive puzzle game. Usually, in the middle of the screen is a pond with a different shape of the bottom and size. The fish is far from the shore so that the cat could not get it. With your finger, you can draw objects of different shapes. After connecting the lines, these objects turn into heavy stones of various shapes and sizes. In addition, the player can use boosters.

The faster the gamer copes with the task, the more points and coins he receives as a reward. Sometimes you have to complete tasks several times to cope with the task. In the process of passing, new components and participants of the scene appear. So, you will meet with a bad dog and other characters. Save Cat a lot of money is spent on the purchase of protective boosters and the discovery of new items. Following the prompts, each player can quickly pass the level.

Save Cat cheat

Graphics and sounds

A simple game has 2D graphics, green lawn, white kitten and other pets. The store has dozens of interesting and colorful items. Such things will make diversity, allows you to change the appearance of the characters and decorate the figures. An interesting puzzle has dozens of interesting levels. Save Cat cheat on coins and tips, this is an opportunity to speed up the process and unlock additional items. Also, everyone can download hacked Call of Duty: Global Operations for free.

Help the kitten find water, get food and protect itself from the angry dog. Each time it’s a new challenge, draw lines, create objects and unlock additional items. An interesting and fascinating process will appeal to all fans of exciting arcades. Reach a high level, collect coins and get even more pleasure from the passing game.

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