Shooter Arena is a multiplayer first-person action game developed by the company – Fun Games For Free. This is a new cool shooting game, and fans of this type of games will definitely appreciate it. She is able to keep you for a long time with this style and a wide range of weapons. The game will meet with you very colorful and brave characters. These characters are sure to give you a new unique experience and emotions. And that environment will take you into the world of action adventure and incredible shootouts and harassment! The game will seem to you at first glance not gloomy, but still, it is atmospheric and where you need dynamic. Hacked Shooter Arena – what are you looking for? Then this site will help you a lot.

Description and features of the game:

We suggest you use the cheat codes for Shooter Arena for Android and Ios. These are free resources that every player will like without exception. You need to choose your hero. There are 5 of them in the game. And each character has its own unique style! Will you play with a deadly long-range sniper, or just with knives with all your might – choose you! The game also will give you an abundance of abilities of the hero. There are more than 10 of them in the game and each character has their own unique abilities and skills. Choose a fighter to your liking and go to battle!

Shooter Arena free

Hack Shooter Arena does not require downloading mod. This is very good news for all players. The main feature of the game is that enemies appear suddenly. Therefore, you should always be alert and watch what happens around you. Otherwise, at one point, it may turn out that someone has already crept up behind you and struck. The fight may be different, for survival and team. And there are also three battlefields. He is selected automatically at the start of each new round, which in itself does not last long.

In fact, these are short skirmishes. During this time you must kill as many enemies as possible. For every enemy you kill, you earn days. This is a free game currency. Spend coins on purchases of new, powerful weapons. Change and improve your characters. Locations for battles are very different, ranging from abandoned warehouses and ending with military bases. The game requires a lightning reaction. Additionally, each player can use the new hack for free.

Shooter Arena cheats

Graphics gameplay:

Developers have proposed and added many items, players can now join thousands of other players from around the world online. Participate in various fights and tournaments. World leaderboard ranking, follow him and try to be the first. Steep and dangerous enemies and a variety of weapons that you can buy. Improve your heroes and their weapons, that would only get stronger and move forward. Enter codes for Gold and Crystals Shooter Arena for free. It will make you a leader.

Excellent graphics, simple controls and very exciting gameplay. Level design is also not bad. Great gameplay. 3D picture is presented not perfect, but very colorful world and characters. Pretty not a bad game with great shootouts! The game is completely free and available on Android Ios everyone! You will appreciate this game!

Cheats Shooter Arena for free for Android and Ios:

  • Get + 300,000 Gold Coins for Free – YV-th30t
  • Also use premium currency, + 40,000 Gems – TD-yh49y0d
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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