Fun game, how to pass the levels, tasks, Silly Walks, free, tsukor, tips, a lot of money. Get game sets for free, cheats and codes in the game, tips and guides. Hacked Silly Walks, tips, tricks and hidden features for users on Android, iOS. Participate in the life of funny characters, the arcade game has a number of attractive features. The game was released by Part Time Monkey, in it you will become a participant in exciting adventures. Heroes are Keks, Hod-dog, Pineapple and others.

A special house is replete with dangerous objects and dangers for your heroes. In the story, a villain named Blender kidnapped your friends. He is ready to harm your characters in various ways. Only dexterity and intelligence will help save the heroes and escape from the attack of the enemy. Help the characters escape from various traps. The unique game has an exciting and interesting gameplay, bright design and beautiful pictures. The game is free and available for download in Google Play, Apple Store. Millions of users on different platforms are enjoying the game.

Silly Walks mod

Game process

Due to the unique gameplay, everyone can lift the mood. Manage funny heroes and help them escape from the villain. Silly Walks on Android has dozens of exciting and interesting levels. Overcome tests, complete tasks and get sugar and other resources as a reward.
In the game you will meet with formidable opponents. They will try to trap you. First of all, you need to behave smarter to get away from the tricks. After passing one level, the player opens up new challenges. To get additional rewards and bonuses, you need to complete tasks for 3 stars.

Difficult tasks and missions

Solve challenging tasks to stay alive. Think of a way around the hot pot, or run around the tertushki. Be attentive and deftly move away from the attacks of the enemy, he will constantly try to knock down. Each level has an increased complexity, you need to constantly improve to improve their positions. Also, you can use new hacked game Space Hunter for free.

Properly completed the task will allow you to get rewards in the form of sugar and additional buns. Silly Walks cheats on purchases, this is an opportunity to get paid sets, for free. This is a great way to quickly and free upgrade and unlock additional tasks.
Thanks to simple controls, everyone can learn. Use simple fingers with your fingers and perform various actions. Control the direction and actions of the hero. Stop touching the screen, the character begins to rotate. This will allow you to choose a new direction for further movement in the game. In the process of passing you can choose a new direction and train other skills.

Silly Walks cheat

Unlock Silly Walks characters

There are several characters available in the game, each with special skills and abilities. Funny characters will help diversify the game and get the benefits. Fun and exciting process is divided into levels. Each task is a new adventure and a journey through the colorful world. A small game with silly situations and fun moments will surely lift your spirits. Download it for free on the platform Android, iOS. But to play fully, you need to make purchases.

The colorful game has 3D graphics, bright elements and cartoon characters. Funny characters look very cute and fun. And the cards are full of traps and various situations. The sounds of walking and action only create a cartoon effect. Use Silly Walks codes for free and get an even more exciting and exciting game. This is an opportunity to get a lot of fun for free and save funny characters.

Cheat codes Silly Walks hack, bonuses:

  • Unlimited Dash – VW_YspRkSnZ
  • Mountains of Sugar – HO_c6EgmfJP


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