Slashrun is a revolutionary slasher on mobile devices. Download mod for Android is not yet possible, the game is available for users on iOS. Unlock characters, use different weapons and disable ads. Experience a different experience in the process of passing, get access to hidden objects and enjoy the dynamics. Hacked Slashrun, these are unlimited crystals, no ads and all characters are open. On our site you will find codes and hints for the rapid passage of the game.

Run & Slash Game

Unique in its kind development, the game gives a mixed experience. Slashrun on iOS has a number of features that attract the attention of users. A bright and dynamic game in which you will race along the roads of the city, destroying enemies and collecting boosters. Neon lights, maximum speed and simple control with one finger. First of all, it is an opportunity to play anywhere, without access to the Internet.

Slashrun codes

You can also disable network access to limit advertisements. But first of all you need to get used to the dynamics and colors in order to navigate in space. Each time there will be springboards and broken panels. Sometimes it is the choice of different paths for passing. But you can often break in the void, if there is no additional road below. Dodge and train your skills to set a new record.

Game Review

The developers present the Slashrun mod as the first RUN & SLASH game. Use weapons and simple controls, anyone can cut the terrain, collecting boosters and destroying enemies. Combo attacks will multiply increase the number of crystals obtained. And thanks to simple controls, gamers of any age can learn. Ninja Action has dozens of interesting characters with unique characteristics.

Slashrun mod

Each character has special skills. Dodge obstacles, destroy enemies with a shining blade and collect new armor. After collecting a large number of crystals and valuable items, you will be able to unlock new heroes. Slashrun money plays an important role, but does not offer a significant advantage. Results will largely depend on your skills. Also, you can download hacked Save Cat game for free.

Game features:

  • New game mechanics, revolutionary development and unique gameplay.
  • Endless jumps, fast movements and the ability to use weapons.
  • Close to 100 variations of the use of weapons and armor. Collect boosters and use different character skills.
  • Chop enemies, earn crystals and a lot of money.
  • Endless gameplay in a futuristic world.
  • Compete with friends, share achievements and acquired skills.
  • Use Slashrun cheats to test all ninja abilities and disable ads.

Slashrun cheat

Graphics and sounds

Bright, neon game has high dynamics. First, you can get lost in the quick picture, in order to go through the game, you need a quick reaction. Thanks to 3D graphics and unique abilities you have the opportunity to get a unique experience. And using bonus codes, open all the items and armor.

Slashrun hack, Android & iOS:

  • Disable advertising in the game – 0HYCKZI_OV
  • Unlock All Characters – CYUSGGH_4P


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