Barboskiny: Doctor Dentist – this is a very exciting and colorful mobile game in which you will see your familiar heroes from the Barboskin family. The game was developed by Luntik Moonzy Barboskiny, based on the plot of the famous cartoon. You probably already know all the members of this fun family? If not, get acquainted!

To begin with, we will introduce you to the smallest, the favorite of the audience, a puppy named Kid. There are still two brothers – Druzhok and Gene. That’s not all, except mom and dad, the family has two sisters – the fashionista Rosa and the sneaky Lisa.

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In this game you have to be in the role of a Rose, with whom you must treat your teeth. All the favorite characters of the Barboskina cartoon go to the children’s hospital to treat their teeth for a new dentist. This game is not only interesting, but also very instructive! This new exciting game for boys and girls tells you this funny story. The game with the Barboskins will be brighter and cooler than the cartoon itself, since now you are not just a spectator – you are a player!

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The game has a well-developed storyline. And in the story, a pediatrician is a trainee Rosa. The city educational center, invited the children to get acquainted with many interesting professions. And Rosa really wanted to learn how to treat her teeth, remove caries and do complex operations. And she went to the practice in the dental clinic. But how can Rose learn how to treat teeth in practice? Who agrees to go to an inexperienced beginner? As you understand, these patients will be the whole Barboskin family.

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So, the new dentist is ready to work on the teeth. And here, your main task is to help Rosa in the treatment of teeth, and that she did a good job. You need to try so that no one is hurt, and everyone is healthy and satisfied. Choose the first patient for yourself. Also, use the new CrossFire Legends hack for free.

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To get started, use sterile instruments that are located on the side of the panel. Begin treatment with brushing your teeth: remove food debris between your teeth, remove tartar. Well, now proceed to the treatment of caries. You need to do everything correctly and accurately. Do not forget to anesthetize with an injection.

Treat broken teeth, fix braces, and use implants and fight infection. Treat the baby with milk teeth. Heal everyone correctly and earn free bonuses. And you can open even more modern tools and a large number of modern equipment.

The game has wonderful 3D graphics, so you can completely plunge into this interesting world of dentistry. It has a simple and convenient control, high-quality sound. Cartoon style makes the game interesting and fun. A lot of funny and cute characters. In addition, the game is completely free and available for Android and iOS to each player. Learn the profession of dentistry with the Barboskins!

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