Which smartphones are most suitable for gaming – this issue requires detailed consideration, as it involves a detailed analysis. The list of devices we selected as a result is divided into three categories depending on the price. From the top flagship to the most affordable and budget.

Flagship best smartphones for games

iPhone XS Max

Interestingly, last year’s top Apple device was not recognized as the best smartphone for gaming. Instead, the honorary position was given to the iPhone 8 Plus – its screen was better. As for the iPhone XS, then nothing has changed much. But the iPhone XS Max has made its way to the leaders at the expense of its huge. And very bright 6.5-inch iOLED-display, which shows the game at its best. In addition, it is the most productive smartphone on the market, which allows it to launch the most complex games.

iPhone 8 Plus

If the leader of our list is very, very expensive. Then the iPhone 8 Plus is in second place and is much cheaper. And still offers competitive, moreover, flagship parameters, despite the fact that it was released last year. As for the hardware, the 8 Plus is still pleased with the speed. In addition, its 5.5-inch 1080p screen is perfect for gaming and quite practical.

Google Pixel 3 XL

The new flagship from Google does not look as bright as its competitors from Samsung and Sony. But is a worthy answer to the Android system to the challenge posed by iOS devices. It’s good because Google created it from scratch and optimized the hardware and software in the most efficient way. Modern sophisticated games on Google Pixel 3 XL run great — the Snapdragon 845 processor allows it. A 6.5-inch OLED screen and loud stereo speakers complete the picture. If the size of this device seems too large to you. You can choose the Pixel 3 model – it is slightly smaller, but also very productive.

Best smartphones

Sony Xperia XZ3

Another flagship smartphone from Sony is impressive, first of all, by its design, although it should be recognized that the developers of this company took some ideas from Samsung. And the most important thing is the technical parameters of the Sony Xperia XZ3, which are not just at the height, they are really impressive. Sony created a 6-inch frameless OLED-display with QHD + resolution, HDR technology support, stereo speakers, a specially developed gaming system Dynamic Vibration System and a high-speed Snapdragon 845 processor – all this is ideal for gaming. This device is a competition Samsung Galaxy Note 9, but the user interface from Sony is more convenient than the one offered to us by Samsung. And Sony software updates occur much more often.

Razer phone 2

A lot has already been written about the recently released Razer Phone 2, and no doubt this smartphone will become the leader of Android gaming for the next year. Last year, his fellow Razer Phone was equally confidently leading. So what’s good about the new Razer phone? Faster Snapdragon 845 processor, fast charging system, IP67 rating and Chroma RGB backlight. But, besides external changes, one should pay attention to internal parameters. This device offers gamers Dolby Atmos speakers, a huge amount of RAM – as much as 8 GB and a display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. All this makes the Razer Phone 2 a great choice for any mobile gamer.

Smartphones for games in the middle price category
It is likely that you do not consider it reasonable to purchase iPhone XS Max and other flagships, for which you will have to pay huge sums. Especially, given the fact that the device you purchased will become obsolete after a couple of years, and the chance to break it is quite large. Therefore, there is reason to think about a compromise solution and pay attention to smartphones for gaming in the middle price category.

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 leads the list of smartphones for gaming the average price range. This device offers a good combination of a large frameless six-inch screen with high performance. It is achieved thanks to the modern Snapdragon 845 processor and 6 GB of RAM — parameters close to or coinciding with many of the flagships, but at half the price.

Best smartphones

Xiaomi Mi 8

Another impressive device from Xiaomi. As you can see, this Chinese brand manages to combine stylish design with high performance and reasonable price. Parameters Xiaomi Mi 8 are close to the technical characteristics of the Mi Mix 2S: the same flagship Snapdragon processor 845, the same cameras. The difference is in the screen: while in Mi Mix 2 it is frameless, in Mi 8 it is made using OLED technology and offers brighter colors and a deeper shade of black. There is a difference in audio – Mix 2 offers stereo sound. Gamers will have to make a choice between these rather close devices.

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro is not currently the flagship of this company, but 5 as a mid-level smartphone is at the height and is perfect for gaming tasks. The Kirin 970 processor and 6 GB of RAM allow you to run all modern games, and the display of this device wins even the leader of this category, the Mi Mix 2 model. The 6-inch OLED screen with HDR support will show the graphics of any game at its best. The double camera from Leica completes the picture. The EMUI interface is not the best among Android devices, but it is unlikely to play a significant role in gaming.

Honor play

This model differs from the previous even lower price, but despite this, its parameters are very competitive. Gamers will appreciate its 6.3-inch display, enclosed in an all-metal body, capacious battery and a powerful Kirin 970 processor.

Best smartphones

LG G7 ThinQ

We didn’t add the LG G7 model to our list of the best gaming smartphones in the middle price category for a number of reasons. First, it is expensive for this category, and secondly, this flagship is not the best among other similar devices released in 2018. Most reviews agreed on this view. But the LG G7 ThinQ with a Snapdragon 845 processor, a bright 6.1-inch frameless QHD-screen and an excellent camera is quite worthy of the title of the flagship and a place in the list of the best gaming smartphones.

Best budget smartphones for games
Not many can afford to buy an iPhone XS Max. But mid-range smartphones have cost a lot too lately. If you are a mobile gamer with a limited budget, the way out is to get a phone from our next five. Here is a list of decent and affordable devices for very reasonable money.

Xiaomi Mi A2

If earlier Xiaomi Mi A1 was the leader in the category of budget smartphones, it is not surprising that the next model from the same line became the winner this time too. Xiaomi Mi A2 wins in its price category for a number of reasons, and the main one is the presence of a Snapdragon 660 processor and 4 GB of RAM. Technically, these parameters belong to the middle level, but this device works almost indistinguishably from the flagships. The same applies to gaming: on Xiaomi Mi A2, both Asphalt 9 and PUBG are easy to launch – both in high quality set in the settings. In addition, here you will find a 1080p screen, a solid camera and a metal case. The disadvantages of this model can be considered, perhaps, the lack of NFC and a 3.5-millimeter headphone jack.

Honor 8x

The price of this model is on the upper border of the budget category. The Kirin 710 processor built into it makes it one of the most productive in its section, which is important for gaming. In addition, it is worth noting that this device is a bit more balanced than the Mi A2. It pleases the eye with a more modern design. And its camera has better parameters than its competitors.

Best smartphones

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1

Asus ZenFone Max Pro M1 is weaker than previous models, but its price is not too high. And the parameters include a Snapdragon 636 processor and 3 GB of RAM. This allows you to run any fresh games from Google Play. The remaining parameters important for gaming are as follows: 6-inch Full HD screen, stock Android and a huge 5000 mAh battery. The last parameter is extremely important if you move a lot and like to play on the go.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5

And again in our list is a smartphone from Xiaomi. This time it does not boast of a powerful processor, like A2, nor the stock version of Android. The device is running a Snapdragon 636 processor and its own interface developed by Xiaomi – MIUI. What is the reason for the choice? In stock 3.5mm audio jack and increased battery capacity – 4000 mAh vs. 3000mAh, as well as at a very affordable price.

Moto x4

Developed by Motorola, the G series has always always been included in the lists of the best gaming machines. But this time the Moto G6 doesn’t meet the performance. Although it is good in software design and convenience. For this reason, our selection turned out to be an X4 smartphone. Which features a stylish design and a good Snapdragon 630 processor, which provides good speed.



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