The Escapists is an interesting strategy in which you have to think very carefully before taking any step. After all, only someone who has a good brain can manage to escape their prisons. Since you were put in one of the most guarded prisons, you will have to think before you run. First you need to study the territory, the guards and all possible exits. But if you still like simulators, then play one of the exciting PROJECT OFFROAD.

Since you committed a crime, then you will not see freedom for a long time. If you do not agree to sit for many years and do nothing, then you need to make an escape plan. Look for items that will help you to further escape, steal spoons from the dining room, they will help you dig a tunnel.

Secrets and Tips:

The big obstacle will be the guards, who are always on the alert and will not give up the slack for you to escape. So you may have to capture the entire prison in order to get out later, it already depends on your escape strategy. Preparing you can proceed. Find one Duma who, like you, are ready for such a bold step. Without risking anything, you will fail. So go ahead!

The Escapists cheat

To quickly escape from prison, you need a huge amount of resources. And they are not so easy to earn in the game. Therefore, our cheat codes The Escapists for money, you will need more than ever. Enter the cheat and within a few minutes there will be a lot of money in your game account that you can spend as you wish. Use hacked Ultimate Sandbox game too.

Interesting features of the game:

  • More than 6 prisons of which you have to escape.
  • The ability to exchange items.
  • Many prisoners who first need to buy to fight with them.

Hacked by The Escapists on Android and iOS, these are new abilities in the game. All you need is to enter the codes and enjoy the gameplay completely free. You do not need to download mods or buy special settings. First of all, codes can be entered many times and all the time for free, and they are also safe for all devices you plan to use. Detailed information you can see below on the website in the detailed instructions.


The Escapist is a strategic puzzle produced by Team 17 Digital Limited, in which the player will have to escape from prison without being caught by the guards. The action takes place in the actual correctional institution. In addition to preparing for the escape, it is necessary to do the routine work of any prisoner: to go to the prison canteen, go for a walk, go to the gym, go to the roll call.

The Escapists mod

You also need to interact with other prisoners and get items that can be useful for a successful escape. You can perform tasks of local authorities for a virtual fee. To achieve the goal will need a large amount of inventory, which is stored in the table at the main character. Each tool performs a specific function. So, with the help of knives or a screwdriver, you can penetrate into the ventilation shaft. Some items can be used as tools to eliminate wardens.

It is worth noting that at the slightest suspicion on the part of the guard, the player may lose all his equipment, and will have to start from the last save. Therefore, when planning a run, you need to think logically, develop a strategy and use all the available tools from your inventory. The Escapist is an excellent logical strategy that is characterized by thoughtful gameplay and an interesting idea.

The Escapists codes for Android and iOS:

  •  Use cheat and you will receive 850,000 money for purchases in the game – TE-8uyhft-ee


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