Take part in skateboard competitions in the new Top Skater game. This is a sports simulator from the company Miniclip.com. In the game you can take part in competitions, train new tricks and become a champion. To reach maximum heights, you need to play for months, or make purchases. For real money in the game you can get gems, coins and unlock new locations. Hacked Top Skater, this is unlimited money and free purchases. Available for use on iOS and Android platforms.

Become the best on a skateboard

First of all you have to choose a name for yourself in the game and a board. Top Skater Mod gives you an extensive game experience without limits. Since there is high competition in the game, you need to constantly improve skills and upgrade equipment. If you played Agar.io, 8 Ball ool, Flip Diving, Bid Wars, then you are already familiar with Miniclip. They created dozens of popular games in various genres. Games are available for download on the platforms Android, iOS.

Top Skater cheat

And this is always an interesting experience with the best graphics and lots of challenges. This time you have to conquer ramps and huge jumps. Perform various tricks, earn points and compete with other players. Only training will allow you to become one of the best in the world. But before that you need to learn a lot. Thanks to simple controls and a large number of tests in the game Top Skater. Everyone can spend dozens of hours playing time and achieve significant results.

How to play

The game begins with the choice of a skateboard, but in the process of passing you will change it many times. First of all, you need to get acquainted with the tricks, before performing them you need to unlock. Train to easily perform a combination of tricks and get the maximum points. This will bring Top Skater money and will increase the level. New discoveries and territories, this is always a new and interesting experience.

Top Skater mod

The amazing and colorful world of the game has several locations. Move between cities, take part in competitions to reach heights. And since the main goal of the game, this is the title of the best skaterboarder, will have to work hard. At first you will perform one movement, but the arsenal will expand with each level. Top Skater cheat on coins and gems, this is an opportunity to play without shopping. Unlock tricks, skateboards, new locations and bring variety to the game.

Graphics and sounds

Beautiful game from a well-known developer has cartoon graphics. Highly detailed items, a large amount of content and effects. Everyone who downloads the game will be able to feel the adrenaline from performing complex tricks. Develop your skills, unlock new items in the game. Top Skater codes work for free on all platforms, learn how to use them and take advantage.

Top Skater codes

Therefore, it becomes more interesting to play and to raise the level many times easier. So the player can count on the highest marks and get additional rewards and valuable items. Show what you can do, unlock updates, and upgrade to maximum. Unique tricks, paid locations and items. First of all it will affect your statistics and place in the global ranking.

Top Skater Hack, Cheat codes for Android & iOS:

  • 45,000 coins for free – 2ML2D3L1F
  • 3,875 gems, code – WN0FABUXU
  • Lake Baikal – PIZD8LAJK
  • Disable Advertising – J8KB9NTQ7


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