Download Truck Simulation 19, this is a new truck simulator from astragon Entertainment GmbH. In the game you can enjoy new cars and move around the United States. This is an exciting and realistic adventure for all lovers of this genre. Since this is not the first game from the company, you get thoughtful gameplay with a huge map and a large selection of cars. Hacked Truck Simulation 19, this is primarily free shopping. Unlock all features and gain extensive experience.

Game features:

• First of all I would like to note the presence of realistic models of auto firms by Kenworth and Mack /
• Ability to create your own transport company.
• Truck Simulation 19 mod gives you the opportunity to travel across America.
• Modern cars are based on real cars and have a large number of functions.
• Hire drivers, create a team to create the largest company for the transport of goods.
• Earn a lot of money, carry a variety of goods.
• Engage in agricultural and construction equipment, use the aircraft in the company.
• Perform tasks faster and get valuable bonuses.
• Realistic conditions for movement, follow the rules of the road.

Truck Simulation 19 cheat

Because you have to start with one car and earn a little. Money Truck Simulation 19 is needed for purchases in the game and fast passing. Availability of resources will make a career jump, unlock powerful cars and new types of goods. Every improvement is an opportunity to expand the company and use new functions. In the process of passing you will be able to learn how to manage your own fleet and engage in the transport business. You can download Truck Simulation 19 mod apk. And also, try new hacked Super Chef.

Game process

Truck Simulation 19 on Android, this is an updated simulator with many improvements. Since you need a license for transportation, first of all you have to create a character. Choose a name, gender, appearance and use accessories. So you can create a character for the passage and use the appearance as the face of the company. The first time you will earn only from their flights. Take the cargo and take it to the destination.

Truck Simulation 19 codes

Thanks to the convenient management and the presence of the navigator, you can easily navigate in space. Before the first trip you will be able to choose the settings to control the car. Therefore, you can use the accelerometer, or virtual buttons to select the direction. Also in the game are available pictures from above, where you can view information, statistics and enable additional auto features. You can unlock Auto Truck Simulation 19 for free using bonus codes. Since the game is free, it contains purchases and using codes, you can get feature sets for free.


The graphics of the game has gone through significant changes, an even more detailed and realistic picture. Realistic models of cars, each of them has its own cab design and a different appearance. You will also appreciate the abundance of functions, so you can use cruise control, tune headlights and use other functions. Truck Simulation 19 cheats, this is an opportunity to start a trucker career and quickly go to the owner of the company. And this is an opportunity to hire other drivers, increase turnover and unlock the equipment of different classes.

Truck Simulation 19 mod

In the process of passing you can explore the vast world of the United States. Travel around big cities, highways, and country roads. Unlock new states to expand your travel horizons. Day and night, weather changes and the opportunity to relax in motels.
Using codes Truck Simulation 19 for free purchases, you can conquer the United States, open the base and become the number 1 transport company. Grab complex cargoes, transport military details and gain additional rewards and experience. The game provides extensive experience and will appreciate the variety of functions and features. Tricks can be used on Android, IOS platforms.

Truck Simulation 19 hack, Android and iOS, Cheat codes:

• 1,000,000 CR – V4RBVYP7_932
• 10,000 gold for free – 9ZWIY8WW_921
• For real trucking tycoons – IDW2JZP1_924
• For low budgets – ZZWJJXDX_934
• An investment into the future – E32PM273_942
• Startup funding – STP6JWFH_941
• Thank you for your help – I1UNXYHH_936


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