Vegas Crime Simulator is a game in which you will finally feel real freedom, because it is here that there are no limits if you have money. The game is similar to others in its style, but still has its own characteristics. At the very beginning of the game you will only have a bike on which you can ride. You can of course immediately stop your favorite car, and get into it. But not as a passenger, but as a driver, and that very moment you will become a robber. All fans of action games and the destruction of zombies, you must definitely play a great game, this is Best Trucker 2.

In the game you will be given money, but not a lot, as well as tasks. And when you complete the task in a certain time, then you will receive your first real great resources. After all, everything is bought around. If you have already taken the path of the robber, then you can continue in the same vein and take resources from passers-by. But so you can run into a tough guy who will destroy you instantly. Weapons you can also buy or take away. When there are many offenses on your account, the police will follow you. And when she already catches you, the game will end. You can kill them for a long time or start to play by the good rules, but it’s boring, you see.

Vegas Crime Simulator on Android

On all purchases in the game you need a lot of resources, so they will have to save. Or enter our codes Vegas Crime Simulator for money and crystals and just enjoy the gameplay when everything is available to you. Conquer Vegas, live to the fullest, but do not forget about the tasks.

Hacked by Vegas Crime Simulator on Android and iOS, this is an amazing opportunity to get everything at once. Previously, you were required to either enter personal data or real money into the game. Now it is not necessary to do this, even the mods do not have to download. Everything is simple and affordable. For more information, follow the link below on the website. Our codes can be used many times and all the time it will be free. They are also completely safe for your devices, so this also does not need to worry.


Vegas Crime Simulator – a good third-person action game that offers the player to go to Las Vegas. The protagonist will move up the criminal career ladder, performing various illegal missions. The user will have a large weapon arsenal, many types of road transport and a huge open game world, which can be studied in between the story tasks. In general, this project is a worthy clone of GTA, which is worth paying attention to gamers.

Cheats Vegas Crime Simulator for Android and iOS:

  • You can get 700,000 money using the code – VCSeefg3
  • To have 70,000 crystals, use the code, for free – VCS7uhyg
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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