Would you like to participate in the race for survival? Then you are welcome, in the post-apocalyptic world – Zombie Squad. First of all, you need to prepare your car for racing. Namely equip it with a weapon in full. It should be the most powerful and cool, also can not do without armor. When the car is ready, it becomes possible to start. For those who have always wanted to have their own business, it is possible to create it, namely automotive, for detailed information –¬†Majesty. Also, use hack¬†Zombie Squad for free.

Game Secrets:

When you hear the start signal, it’s time to push the gas all the way. And then your main task will be to do everything possible to get to the finish line first. There will be many obstacles on your way, as well as zombies. They need to crush or shoot their weapons. Along the way, do not forget to collect coins, money, nor will you come in handy in the future.

Zombie Squad mod

After all, for them you can buy not only weapons, but many other parts and accessories for your car. Gameplay instantly delays, graphics in the style of zombies and simple controls. You do not need much time to get up to date and then you can start the race. For purchases you may not have enough resources. And the Zombie Squad cheats for money and ammo, is the way out of all the difficulties.

Important facts and features in the game:

  • A huge number of zombies of different strengths.
  • A lot of cars and weapons to them.
  • The possibility of continuous improvement of machines or weapons.
  • Not boring graphics and exciting gameplay.
  • Many races and levels that need to pass.
  • Setting up cars and weapons.
  • The change of night and day.

Zombie Squad cheat

Hacked Zombie Squad on Android and iOS, these are endless possibilities in the game. All you need is to see the detailed instructions in the game below on the site. Cheats for money and cartridges will make your race not forgotten. Easily go through all the levels in the game and without entering personal data and real money into the game. In addition, you can download Zombie Squad mod for free. All codes are not only free, but also safe for any of your devices. So go ahead, clear the world of zombies using your car or tank.

Zombie Squad – arcade racing in the world of post-apocalypse. The user is invited to sit at the wheel of the car and go to the extermination of the living dead, flooding the streets of the city. What happened to the world is unknown, so the player will only have to loosen the consequences of the zombie epidemic.

Zombie Squad codes


Putting a machine gun on the vehicle, you need to destroy as many zombies as possible on your way, do not crash into obstacles and get rid of especially agile infected people who strive to cling to the car body and send the main character to the forefathers. The more infected are killed, the more the game currency replenishes the main character’s piggy bank. Earned money can be spent on improving the performance and weapons of the machine, as well as the purchase of a new iron horse.

Each vehicle has three main characteristics. Increased control, mass and armor will increase the chances of survival. A pumping machine gun will help kill even more living dead. The game has a good three-dimensional graphics with good animation. Coupled with the winding soundtrack, it creates a reckless atmosphere of a zombie apocalypse. All this makes the Zombie Squad an interesting project on the trendy theme of zombies.

Cheats Zombie Squad for Android and iOS Hack:

  • Use the code and get 500 000 money in the game – U-fh93fc
  • For 70,000 rounds of ammunition, use the code – Z-lp42ci


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