Animus Harbinger – an action in which you must become the master and guardian of the world. Higher forces send you into the past and now it is you who need to prevent the death of the king and many other events that have a bad effect on life afterwards. The worst thing in the past is that you are alone and have no friends, just a bunch of enemies. Lovers of strategic thinking need to try to play another amazing game – Corsairs. First of all, you need to be well prepared, stock up on weapons and magic spells that will help you. Everything around you embodies only death and how to get out of there alive is not yet known, but possible. Going to Cadmium you need to save all the inhabitants from death, then the whole story will change. Make it possible for everyone to be afraid.

Secrets and Tips:

Entering into battle from the enemy, it is necessary to immediately identify his weaknesses, and then delivering a crushing blow to make others afraid to even stick out. Graphics and sounds in a very dark style, which gives the game an even more mystery. Management is simple and does not require additional training. If you perish in the past, it will be a disaster for the present, so try with all your might to destroy what was once left free. And with the help of resources to make it very easy.

Animus Harbinger cheat

Since the game needs a lot of resources, and this is not the best option. Or you don’t want to enter real money either. Personal information may be required from you, but there will be no more problems with Animus codes for money. You can buy whatever you want, and therefore become the best player.

Animus Harbinger for Android

Hacked Animus Harbinger for Android and iOS, these are amazing opportunities to get all the improvements in the game immediately and completely for free. Since you have to become a real keeper of the world, then there should be a lot of money. Our codes for money will fix all the errors and you can make free purchases as much as you want. No other mod Animus Harbinger is need to be downloaded. All you need to know and how to enter codes, you can see below on the site. It is very easy to cope with them, it is subject to even the most inexperienced player. Also, you can use hacked new game City Island 5 for free.

Animus Harbinger mod


Animus Harbinger – an impressive fantasy action with outstanding graphics, which is both a sequel and a prequel to the part called Stand Alone. According to the plot, the protagonist is sent to the past, when the clash, which turned the world into ashes, was only being conceived. The player will help the protagonist deal with monsters and their minions, who destroy everything in their path. The user will be a lot of cold weapons, with which you can literally shred the enemy into pieces.

Cheats Animus Harbinger Hack for Android and iOS:

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