Beat the Boss 4 is an interesting game for all those who have a boss and you, to put it mildly, do not like it very much. He already enrages you so that you are ready to hit him? Then this action is for you and stress relief. For everything to be smooth on the robot, you just need to let off steam in the game. And if you like to spend time with exciting simulators, then you need to try playing Stickman Dismounting.

Secrets and Tips:

First of all, you need to choose an outfit for your boss. This could be a serious suit or a ridiculous children’s shirt. You can laugh at him, and then carefully otdubasit. The game has many different ways that are suitable for any player. If one likes to beat his hands, then for the other it is much easier to take a club.

Beat the Boss 4 cheat

So everything is done in a very cheerful style, then you can relax as much as possible while playing. The game will be much more interesting when you complete all the missions and tasks that are assigned to you. After completing the task, you will be rewarded in the form of resources for which you can then make improvements and purchases. With Beat the Boss 4 cheats for money and diamonds you will have no difficulty in the game, so all purchases will be free and free.

Important and interesting features in the game:

  • The game has more than 10 locations where the boss will pass all tests.
  • 30 missions to complete and many more required tasks.
  • More than 130 types of weapons that you can buy and improve constantly.
  • The game has more than 180 bosses, which you can scoff at, so look which one of them is most like your real boss.
  • The opportunity to play with your friends is much more interesting, so go ahead.

Hacked Beat the Boss 4 on Android and iOS will allow you to get all the improvements in the game completely free. Namely, you no longer need to download mod Beat the Boss 4 or buy special settings. All you need is to simply enter the code according to the instructions below on the site. Since safety has always come first, it is now possible.


Beat the Boss 4 – a very exciting arcade game on android, where you have to become a worker under the guidance of an evil boss. Game evil boss will be able to realize all your most secret dreams. After all, many of us hate our leadership so much that we would have avenged it with great pleasure.

Beat the Boss 4 mod

Here you have to torment your boss for a long time and hard to earn coins and buy new weapons. In this amusing arcade you will find more than 130 types of weapons, unique cards and real bosses. Each passing level will give the opportunity to earn a certain amount of coins, which depends on how cruel you are to the boss.

Among the weapons in Beat the Boss 4 you can see hammers, baseball bats, Molotov cocktails, grinders, and even a chainsaw. You will use all this weapon against the chief. You can drag objects and the main character anywhere, for example, to throw him in the trash.

Cheats Beat the Boss 4 Hack for Android and iOS:

  • To get 900,000 money in the game, use cheat – BB-4sfw-28
  • To get 90,000 diamonds, enter the code, for free – BB-46ye-gh


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