Where to download the game, hack CASE Animatronics, tips, tricks passing. New horrors on Android, IOS, secrets, settings, bonuses and codes. How to use cheats, whether you need to download the mod and other answers to questions. Get tips and get money CASE Animatronics for free, as well as unlock the paid features of the game. Immortality mode, endless lives, lack of advertising and other features are available for use in the game.

Play on Android, iOS

Free game is available on different platforms. This is a real first-person scary movie, many scenes and unexpected events just horrify you. Play as John Bishop, who lingered at the police station and witnessed the invasion. Animatronics, these are robots that will try to destroy you. Since all the outputs are blocked and the electricity is turned off, you are not in the best situation.

To survive, you have to use all available tools. Hide, solve puzzles, look for new items and destroy robots. CASE Animatronics cheats give you the opportunity to quickly level up. First you need to investigate the cause of the appearance of anomalous creatures. To solve such a riddle will take a long time. Beginners and experienced players can complete tasks in the mode of easy difficulty. This is the only way to cope with difficult tasks and strong adversary.

CASE Animatronics cheat

CASE Animatronics codes, tips

The game will delight with a great storyline and plunge into an unusual story. But to cope with a complex challenge, you need to skillfully compare events. Your strength is in stealth, move constantly and hide in hiding places. Downloading the game you get full control over the character from the first person. Explore the site in search of new tips. Try to get out of prison and investigate.

Dozens of interesting levels have already absorbed the attention of many gamers. Wiki CASE Animatronics, codes and tips will save time and get invulnerability. Unlock new rooms for research and solve riddles. To survive you will need a lantern and a tablet, you can find them on the floor, or in dark areas. Things will help to observe the anomaly and monitor the movement of robots. And thanks to access to several rooms, expands the list of items for use.

Immortality CASE Animatronics is an opportunity to have fun on the most difficult levels. Since the enemy is too strong for battles, you need to use wits and tricks to defeat him. Avoid encounters with animatronics, move and move between covert places.

CASE Animatronics mod

Passing tips

To pass the levels and stay alive, you need to skillfully use the tablet. Go to a safe area and listen to the movements of the creatures. You need to move as fast as possible to get rid of the pursuit. This must be done before the sound of persecution disappears. This will allow you to find a tablet and get a quick advantage. Hacked CASE Animatronics will give a lot of new and unforgettable emotions. Also, you can download hacked RollerCoaster Tycoon for free and fast.

Graphics and sounds

The game will give an unforgettable and realistic 3D experience. Characters and enemies look very realistic, with a high degree of accuracy. Use a flashlight to light your territory and explore new rooms. First of all, study your opponent to avoid direct meetings. Since life is not infinite, you need to be careful. Or use bonus codes for immortality and other features.

CASE Animatronics Hack, Android and iOS, free:

  • God mode, the code for immortality in the game – 37 * 9uzaz5ns
  • Disable advertising – 28 * 33p6iiz2
  • Unlock all rooms – 19 * 6lqd489j


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