CyberSphere is a very exciting application for your phone, with excellent graphics. You can play with a real opponent, as well as invite your friends, acquaintances and compete with them. In this action, the story of a world in which a war has been going on for a long time, which made a very big coup, caused a lot of harm to the people of this world. Therefore, users need to quickly end a long war. And for those who love arcade games, there is an opportunity to play a very interesting Rise Up.

Secrets and Tips:

It will not be very easy for you to fight, because opponents will attack you from different sides, and you, in turn, will have to destroy them. Choose one of the characters and go to the front, in the heart of the war. You will also be helped by other users, they are also in favor of ensuring that this war is over. Meet, make friends and support each other in this not easy fight. For all purchases in the game, you need a lot of resources, and since real money would not be very desirable. Then we offer you to use our CyberSphere codes for money and crystals and you will not have any more difficulties.

CyberSphere cheat

Important features in the game:

  • You will have more than 32 items to destroy opponents.
  • Many characters with individual characteristics and control.
  • The ability to play with friends or other players from around the world.
  • Simple controls and amazing graphics.
  • Several game modes and different locations.
  • The opportunity to get into the tournament leaderboard.
  • Several types of drones, each of which has its own control and capabilities.

Hacked CyberSphere for Android and iOS, this is an amazing opportunity to remain a winner in the game. Since you only need to enter the codes and you will get a huge amount of money and crystals. That and all purchases and improvements will be fully available to you. Now you do not need to download mod CyberSphere or buy special settings for the game. First of all, our codes can be entered many times and all the time for free. They are also safe for any of your devices. So using them is not only easy, but also fun. Also, you can download hacked PROJECT OFFROAD for free.

CyberSphere mod


CyberSphere is a top-down futuristic shooter. In it, users are waiting for hurricane battles with robots. Taking control of the drone, the player will defend the base from enemy attacks. This will help him a wide arsenal of means of destruction, as well as all sorts of improvements discovered in the process of passing. The enemy will attack from all sides, so you have to be mobile and actively move around the game location. The main goal is to hold out as long as possible and transfer valuable data to the base.

CyberSphere Hack Codes for Android and iOS:

  •  Use the code and get 800 000 money in the game – CSy7fuji
  • Get 8,000 crystals using code, free – CS0oiew6


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