We present to your attention a simple at first glance, but very exciting game Dodgeball Duel. This is an interesting arcade game. It is not strange, there is no storyline, and therefore you will quickly and easily understand what is happening. The whole gameplay of the game is focused on one screen. At the same time, a simple gameplay of the game does not imply that it is limited. It can be called elegantly polished. In addition, here you can practice your speed and reaction. Using hack Dodgeball Duel, you can get a lot of coins in the game for free.

Description and tips of the game:

In this fast-paced game, you have to deftly dodge the ball, flying at high speed right on you. But almost overnight, he needs to be thrown harder back into the enemy, and of course he should give up with all his might! At the same time, try to hit the enemy exactly. In the game they are presented in the form of very bright and funny bosses. Regardless of the level, Dodgeball Duel cheats allow each player to develop quickly.

Dodgeball Duel cheat codes

This game has no levels and transitions, and therefore from the very beginning you have to sweat and turn all the balls that fly on you. Difficulties will arise due to the fact that the ball must be discarded so as to get into the enemy and at the same time try to get away from hitting the ball in response. At the same time it is necessary to get into certain zones. But it only boosts gambling and victory. Also, everyone can use the new Pixel Zombie Hunter hack.

Game resources:

Hacked Dodgeball Duel does not require downloading Dodgeball Duel mod apk, just use our secrets. Develop and use your reflexes. Only the fastest, can survive in these fights! For a more accurate strike, you should have time to click on the very top bar of the scale. Then the force of impact will be the most powerful. And be sure to try to catch the ball with your hand, and to prevent the ball from falling into your zone. It is marked with color behind you.

In the game you are confronted by very powerful and complex opponents. For each boss you destroy you get a free game currency – money. But they still need to catch. If you have missed them, the money will not be returned to you. For the money you can buy yourself new skins. You can also unlock upgrades for yourself, and defeat stronger and tougher opponents.

Dodgeball Duel mod apk

Game features:

Dodgeball Duel codes will give you a lot of coins for free and quickly. In the game, you can change almost everything: background, characters, images. Quite important is that the game has more than 10,000 downloads. It is gaining popularity, thanks to the VOODOO developers, who have made the game incredibly exciting for the user. Do not be upset that the game has 2D graphics, it does not spoil it at all. The gameplay is as simple as the management process itself.

This game is very positive and dynamic. The gameplay itself is accompanied by fun music and funny sounds. In addition, the characters are funny and cute. The game is completely free, and is available on Android and Ios. Do not miss the chance to play this exciting game and have fun!

Hack Dodgeball Duel for Android and Ios for free, Cheat codes:

  • Get + 7,000 Coins per game – Bw-th30e9
  • Block Ads – Mt-yh30e9f
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