Download the game for free, Duckz for Android, IOS. A lot of money, coins, bonuses, codes, cheats, unlock weapons. Hack Duckz, unlock weapons, unlock new locations, secrets and hints. Enjoy automatic shooting in the first-person simulator. The game was released by the company Shotgun Gaming Oy, master in the development of games with weapons. And this time you will be able to use it in the hunt from the first person.

Since the developers are professionals, in the arcade you get the story and the main task. And this is the salvation of hungry people from hunger. And when so much depends on your accuracy, you should try to show the best result. Despite the noble goal, do not forget about the coins. Coins are an important part of the game, you can buy more powerful weapons with them, unlock new places and use boosters.

Duckz cheat

Classic hunting

Gamers who played consoles on old TVs, this gameplay will be very familiar. Take a gun and aim to move. Duckz on Android has the most simple and clear gameplay. Colorful graphics will help you transfer to different places with lots of birds. Aim with the touch screen and shoot. Each goal is an opportunity to get extra money as a reward.

For coins, the player can upgrade weapons, acquire more powerful and accurate guns. First of all it will affect the accuracy and the ability to earn even more money. The automatic shotgun beats very accurately, but you need to shoot at a certain moment. Get ready for the high dynamics of the game, as the level increases, the difficulty of the tasks increases. And new places will allow to diversify the gameplay and get even more valuable rewards.

Gameplay and control

Since the game is very simple and has vertical graphics, you can play anywhere. Duckz cheats, this is an opportunity to get a set of coins from the game store for free. This is a great opportunity to unlock expensive weapons and improve your results. A noble goal will only increase your passion for hunting. And thanks to the presence of different types of weapons and tasks, everyone will be able to realize their potential.

Duckz mod

Choose your favorite gun to set a record. Each task differs in the number of goals, time, or a limited number of inaccurate shots. Sequential passing will allow you to train skills and constantly improve. Since the game does not require access to the Internet, you can enjoy the gameplay anywhere. Duckz codes on coins, this is a great opportunity to experience different types of weapons and level up.

Graphics and sounds

Bright arcade has a simple but colorful picture. This will allow you to immerse yourself in the hunting process, but the application will not take up too much space on your smartphone. Since the game is available for download on Android, iOS, you need 41, or 151 Mb of free space, depending on the device.

Applications can remain on the phone for a long time, an exciting game, the killer of time does not require much time. You can play anywhere, enjoying the pleasure of hunting. Sounds and music will contribute to immersion in the process. And the codes on the coins, this is a great opportunity to get additional and special features of the game.

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