Meet the amazingly beautiful and exciting game Era of Legends – Fantasy MMORPG in you mobile! Also, here you will enjoy a fascinating story, and together with charming characters you will travel through a fantastic and beautiful world. The world, which was created based on legends and stories. Here you have to create your heroes and realize the wildest dreams. Explore the open spaces of medieval medieval fantasy. Feel the spirit of this dark time, exciting warrior and ancient castles. In addition, each player can use Era of Legends hack quickly and for free.

The game is an adventure, design for patient, and inquisitive gamers who have a lot of imagination. This is a game for those who do not like to rush and sees the game as art. Take time and your curiosity, play, and see how you just delay the gameplay. In addition, here the heroes are waiting for fresh adventures and a fascinating story. If you are interested in magic, sword fighting – it’s time for the game! Cheats Era of Legends is very easy fast.

Era of Legends cheats

Description and features of the game:

A huge world awaits you that can be explored endlessly. The war of clans, dungeons and dragons, holidays and unusual events, raids and infinity fascinating adventures. You – a warrior, who will arrange shelling astride a griffin. Break through the whole hordes of demons. Huge robots help you. You are offered 8 classes with unique characters: warrior, assassin, magician, hunter and others. For example, you can become an assassin – secretive and deadly! Additionally, hacked Era of Legends is absolutely safe.

He has the ability to apply lightning attacks, and the hunter uses a bow for long-distance battles. Choose you. Familiar profiles themselves are divided into three subtypes: attack, defense, and support. Take the help of friends in raids. After all, they are all endowed with unique talents and are able to perform a miracle. Together you will save the magical continent of Eminur. To capture the flag or hunting for a survivable monster requires special attention and tactical calculation. Look for your tactics! In addition, look for the hidden treasures that protect the mighty dragons. Also, use new hacked gameĀ Rogue Agents for free.

Graphics and gameplay of the game:

Do not forget to improve your heroes and weapons. Participate in large-scale epic PVP battles, seize the flag, take away resources from the enemy and earn bonuses. Dominate the battlefield and fight in fights. Also, all this will bring you free in-game currency. Also, codes will bring you additional features in the game.

Era of Legends codes

Present new design and high-quality 3D graphics will be appreciating by you. Playing with a unique style, the ability to play with friends. There are many opponents and weapons too. The developer, 101XP LIMITED, offered the players interesting mechanics and complete freedom in choosing successful tactics. Pleasantly pleased with the simple and convenient control, and well-developed characters. Unusual architecture, unforgettable locations and many secluded places to explore. In addition, the game is absolutely free and available on Android and iOS devices. You will definitely get great pleasure from the gameplay!

Cheats Era of Legends codes for Android and Ios, free:

  • + 300,000 Gold Coins for Free – W-yh4ry
  • Get + 17,000 precious crystals – B-yh30e9
  • Unlock 5 Units in the Game for Free – M-tu029wr
  • Block unwanted ads – T-h3e9fw
How to use bonus codes in the game game.



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