Friday the 13th is a fascinating puzzle, but it is not quite as we imagine it. Everyone knows such a number as Friday the thirteenth. They say that it is on this day that strange miracles happen, namely nightmares. Since all the monsters climb on the ground and something terrible can happen. The main character once drowned in a lake. And now, many years later, this Friday has arrived. You will be able to get out of that world and live all day on earth. Doesn’t every man dream of this? All fans of action games and warfare, you must play one of these games, this is – Pixel Zombie Hunter.

First of all you need to get acquainted with the gameplay. It is not difficult and you need to go through many levels. You will also hunt down victims and kill them. Before you start to pass the episode, and there are more than 8 of them in the game, you need to move your brain convolutions. After all, this body will be the most important when passing levels. Your task is to complete missions and kill as many other victims as possible. The graphics in the game are nice and funny. Try to use this day, maybe even the only one, in order to do a lot of things. It will be difficult for you to complete some tasks. But now with the help of our Friday the 13th cheats for everything unlocked, you can quite enjoy the gameplay.

Friday the 13th cheat

Interesting features in the game:

  • In the game you are waiting for 8 episodes.
  • Just a huge number of missions and tasks that need to be completed.
  • Ability to choose a main character.
  • You need to kill more. the farther in the game you can advance.

Hack Friday the 13th on Android and iOS, this is exactly what you have been looking for. You do not need to download mods or search for additional settings. Everything is so simple that you can easily handle them. Previously, you had to enter real data into the game, but now it is in the past. More information is available below. Thanks to the code in which everything is unlocked, the game will become much more interesting. It is important that the cheat codes are completely free and completely safe for all devices that you use.

Friday the 13th mod


Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle is a game based on a series of movies about maniac Jason Wurzize. For eight episodes, the player will control the killer and look for victims. In the process of passing the players will visit both inside high-rise buildings and in the mountains and campgrounds. In each place, the character will need to bypass the traps, remove the forces of the police and get to the potential victims. All this is accompanied by black humor and elaborated animation of the killings. Also at each stage there are many easter eggs referring to the films of the franchise.

Friday the 13th codes for Android and iOS:

  •  To the game was all unlocked, use the code for free – F1-3yu7y4-rr
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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