HERO WARS is a very fun toy that will send you into the future, namely in 2020. It was this year that alien mutants and other monsters attacked Earth, which flew for the sole purpose of capturing humanity. And you will be the very hero savior who will try to stop them whatever it costs him. And for those who can not imagine their life without simulators, it’s time to play a game where you need to earn money for the development of your business, this is DarkAvenger X.

Secrets and Tips:

First of all, you have to build a base where you will hide, relax and just be in your free time. I don’t cope as I know myself, so gather your team, an army of real heroes who are ready for anything for their planet. Try to work together to free the planet. The gameplay itself consists in constant attacks both on your base and on your opponents. Constantly improve the abilities of your comrades and treat them so that they do not want to go over to the side of the enemy. Show all the power and anger for your enemy, choose a weapon and constantly buy even more powerful.


For all purchases in the game, you just need a huge amount of resources. Or you can enter the real currency to buy everything you need in the game store. But not everyone will like this option either. And now that you have our HERO WARS codes for money and crystals, you can easily make purchases and not worry about the balance on your gaming account.

HERO WARS on Android

HERO WARS hack on Android and iOS, this is exactly what you have been looking for. Remember that with the help of a cheat code for money and crystals, everything will become much easier. You no longer need to download mods or buy special settings. Everything is simple and affordable. You can use codes many times. They are completely safe for all devices you plan to use. Previously, you were required to have real money or a long time to wait for balance updates. Now everything is easier. If something is not clear, then click on the link below on the website and see the details on use.

hero wars cheat


Hero Wars – RPG, inviting the user to the fantasy world of Dominion. In it, the player must assemble a team of brave heroes and go with them in battles with monsters and other opponents. Using their combat and magical skills, the heroes will clear the land of evil and will pick up the main archdemon. After each battle from the enemies will remain valuable trophies and improvements for the members of the squad that will make them stronger. As you progress, you can open new warriors who are ready to join the team and replace weaker ones.

HERO WARS codes for Android and iOS:

  • Get 600 000 money in the game, you can use the code – HWvbd7uy
  • Use code to get 6,000 crystals, for free – HW7yuhjf


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