Hotel Transylvania Adventures is an interesting game about monsters and a hotel with them. Choosing a suitable hero, you can start to pass the levels one by one. The further, the more difficult. Moving to the locations you also need to collect coins, then to have something to improve their capabilities. Also on your way there will be a lot of opponents who will feed you with all their might. If you like the most about adventures about kings and their lives, then you should play Linn: Path of Orchards.

Your task is to complete as many levels as possible, but ideally, of course, complete all the levels. Coins that you will collect are very necessary to open not only new abilities of your hero, but also new monsters. Each character has its own abilities, which can also be improved. Passing levels, do not forget that at the end of each you will have to wait for a strong boss, who also needs to be defeated, but this will be even harder. For all purchases and improvements in the game you will need a huge amount of money, crystals and lives. All of them you can get with the help of a cheat code Hotel Transylvania Adventures for money and crystals, as well as life. So forward to new victories!

Hotel Transylvania Adventures mod

Interesting features and features in the game:

  • You can play in 4 zones, each of them is different from each other.
  • You will find more than 80 levels that are not so easy. as it may seem at first glance.
  • Many different characters each of which has its own characteristics and capabilities.
  • The ability to constantly update the characters and improve the game as a whole.

Hacked Hotel Transylvania Adventures for Android and iOS, this is an amazing opportunity to get all the improvements at once. You no longer have to download mods. Now all real money and personal information will remain with you and no one needs to transfer it. All codes can be used many times and all the time it can be done for free. They are also completely safe for your devices, so it should also not bother you anymore. If you still do not understand something, then follow the link and look at the details of the codes in the instructions.

Hotel Transylvania Adventures cheat


Hotel Transylvania Adventures – run, jump, build! – A runner based on the cartoon series of the same name about Dracula, his family, friends and a huge hotel for monsters arriving to relax on holidays. The user can take control of one of the familiar characters, each of which has special abilities to help with the passage. In the process of overcoming more than 80 levels, the player will face many obstacles, failures and opponents. Also at the levels it will be possible to collect gold coins.

Cheats Hotel Transylvania Adventures for Android and iOS:

  • You can get 400,000 coins using the code – OT-vdge3w
  • 1,000 lives in the game using cheat code, free – OT-7uhfyt
  • 40,000 crystals in the game, code – OT-bndhew



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