LifeAfter game is survival on your smartphone. Download game for free can every user of Android, iOS. Infinite lives, a lot of money and other benefits can be obtained using cheat codes. Hacked LifeAfter and cheats in the game can be used and do not break the rules. The article contains promotional codes and tips for quick passing. Have fun in the new game, getting hidden, special features.

New role-playing game from the developer NetEasy Game. A fascinating adventure in the post-apocalyptic world. First of all, choose the appearance of the character. Thanks to a wide range of settings, everyone can create a unique character.

Starting from the floor and ending with the hair color, in the future you can only change weapons and equipment. The game begins with a small plot. Trying to break through the wall of the zombies on the truck, the idea suffered defeat. The truck moved into the abyss and exploded, and you were the only survivor. Also, we recommend you to use new hacked gameΒ Knife BattleΒ for free.

LifeAfter cheat

Game Description

LifeAfter on Android, is a role-playing game in which you find yourself in a big box. The world of science and technology has created a great danger to the life of humanity itself. Convenient vehicles only accelerated this process. Zombies quickly spread throughout the country. To survive, you have to go a long way and meet thousands of enemies. Sometimes it is better to lie low, in some cases you have to go to the break.

To cope with the growing danger, you need to constantly increase strength and develop abilities. Travel around the map, collect items, weapons and develop skills. Cheats
LifeAfter on first aid kits and other items give a significant advantage when passing the game. The spread of the virus is not in place to survive, you have to act quickly and decisively. Diseases, cold and viruses threaten the survivors, the danger surrounds from all sides. Use skills and weapons to move around the country, discovering new territories.

LifeAfter codes

Infected rage, joining together in groups, they mob. In the process of passing you will be able to meet allies, which will increase the chances of survival. Equip your own base, where you can hide from the dark time of day. During the day you can hunt, collect resources, eat and find medicines. The creation of weapons is also an important part for passing. Beware of others, but interactions will enhance protection. A large number of survivors, each fighting for life.

LifeAfter mod

Interacting with other players, you can exchange items and get the necessary resources. But this should be done very carefully. Anyone you meet can kill you to select all the resources. Each player chooses their own tactics to fight, team up with others, or play alone. Build a shelter and invite your friends into the game. Immortality LifeAfter, or the presence of unlimited resources will give you an advantage when passing.

Graphics and sounds

The game has colorful graphics with a high level of detail. The effects and movements of the characters are quite realistic. Just surprised a huge map and a large number of characters and a variety of enemies. The game has become popular in Asia, and now you can experience all the charms of a new, role-playing game. Many freedoms and difficult challenges.

LifeAfter hack & cheats for Android and iOS:

  • Medium Loan Box – B3kgP2Al0C
  • Large Credit Box – BBAxZBbUqZ
  • Oversized box credit – ILSurSjIzZ
  • Alliance member – Wu7FhJATkm
  • Foundation of Hope – VfvfoK9IBv
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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