MaskGun is a terrific action game, well thought out and designed so that you don’t have to be bored. From the very first minute, he will entice you for a long time. You will play with your team, which you choose for yourself. And you will fight against the same as you. Your task is to destroy the enemy before he does this to you. All fans of arcades and battles in tanks, you need to play an amazing game with a fantastic gameplay – Tanki Online.

First of all you need to choose a mode, it can be single or team. If you want to fight in a team, then you need to remember that it will not be easy, since all your opponents are real players from all over the world. They also like you know how to think and calculate the moves to the front. The store is just an incredibly huge amount of equipment and different masks, so that you can easily create yourself an individual character. Also, you will have a lot of weapons that you can change or buy new, it all depends on you.

MaskGun mod

For all purchases and improvements in the game you can not do without resources or real money. Since I want to buy a lot of things, but resources are scarce. But now when you have our MaskGun codes for money and crystals, it will become not only easy to play, but also much more exciting.

Interesting features and features in the game:

  • A huge number of characters that you can create.
  • Many items of equipment to create a unique player.
  • Large selection of weapons. which can not only improve and buy new.
  • Two game modes.
  • The ability to play as a team with friends or other real players from around the world.

Hack MaskGun for Android and iOS, this is an amazing opportunity to prove that you are the coolest. Since you no longer need to worry about purchases and improvements of weapons or other items, without which there would be no full-fledged game. No mods, real money and personal information, everything is simple and accessible. codes for money and crystals can be used many times. how to do it correctly can be viewed below on the website in the detailed instructions.

MaskGun cheat


MaskGun Multiplayer FPS – high-quality multiplayer first-person shooter, in which to clash the forces of two teams of fighters. By selecting one of the parties, the user will begin to participate in dynamic skirmishes on various maps. Using numerous firearms and shelters, the player will be able to help his team defeat opponents in various modes. The game has excellent three-dimensional graphics, several unique maps, 16 types of weapons and original masks for characters.

Cheats MaskGun for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 600 000 money in the game – MGsw3weu
  • You can get 60,000 crystals using the code – MG6tyr78
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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