Guide, tools, tips and tricks passage of the game Mercs of Boom. Free to get a lot of money, loans, tips and tricks. Hack Mercs of Boom, codes, hints and hidden features. Working method, get resources on Android, iOS platform without risk to get banned. Since the method is as simple as possible, everyone can learn by spending a couple of minutes studying the instructions for this method.

About the game Mercs of Boom

Action game with turn-based actions will allow you to realize your tactical skills. The unique gameplay was developed by the Game Insight team, where everyone can plunge into exciting adventures and strategically fighting. Intense and dynamic battles with dangerous creatures. Because they are created by humans, they have vulnerabilities. In addition, use powerful weapons and strategic skills to protect the earth and save humanity.

Mercs of Boom mod

Additionally, solve the conspiracies of evil organizations. Since the actions take place in 2040, there are many new and valuable resources in the game. The energy jump was created during this time, so new technologies have greatly influenced civilization. Immerse yourself in history, learn technology and use modern materials in the process of passing. Advinite in particular is a valuable and rare material. Use it to create powerful weapons and upgrade items.

Get resources

Since the material is very rare, it is greatly appreciated. You can buy it for loans, or collect bit by bit, completing tasks of the game. Precious material allows you to create powerful mines and weapons. This will increase the strength of the army and allow you to quickly destroy powerful animals. Destroy opposing nations and take their territory into possession. After downloading the game, you will move to one of the darkest and most terrible sites in the development of civilization. Also, use hacked game Power Miners for free.

Mercs of Boom cheat

Can you handle it? Everything will depend on the skills and availability of resources. Mercs of Boom money in the form of loans and rare materials, it is an opportunity to quickly pass levels. Achieve previously unseen results. Manage your character, navigate the map and clear new territories. A powerful team and the presence of rare skills will serve an important role and give an advantage.

Passage of game, credits

First of all, open the map and learn to navigate in space. Plan to release new skills, achieve better results. Special abilities and special skills will open sequentially. Also increases the level of difficulty. To create the most effective and strong team, you need to constantly develop abilities and skills.

Mercs of Boom codes

Step-by-step, scientific strategy will give a unique experience. Fantastic creatures, interesting tasks and levels. Get new experience, additional bonuses and try to save life and get to the end. The game has dozens of unique skills and a wide variety of weapons. Using the codes Mercs of Boom, you can quickly create a powerful team and use its skills for tactical attacks. The game will delight colorful 3D design, a large variety of details. Sounds just add to what is happening even more realistic. Use power-ups to unlock valuable and rare items.

Mercs of Boom hack, cheats – boosters, Android and iOS:

  • 50,000 credits – J2FTESN531
  • 5,000 advinite – 4AQ7R1QDSN
  • Recruit’s Set – 1N21PQ8KQ8
  • Steel Hearts – W8HPM8SFAE
  • Morbidium crystal – FZ6TX5OF18
  • Process speed-up – Y4V2Q53FTE


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