Nova Empire is a game in which you will travel in space, namely, to conduct combat operations against the same as you. Your rivals are real people who play in real time. In the near future, there is a war for space in space and many dangerous pests want to destroy the whole universe. You have to stop them. Love to drive on different cars and at the same time also carry out missions and tasks, then you need to play MAD ZOMBIES.

You are waiting for a war just a small scale, and all you have to do is defend your interests in it. First of all, choose a ship for yourself on which you will fight. For it, you must necessarily have a weapon so that the enemy has no chance. But first of all you need to make your own strategy according to which you will fight, because it is not possible to just come and win, you need to think things through well.

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Secrets and Tips:

To the aid you can call more experienced admirals who will help you to get out of a difficult situation much faster. But for all the purchases and improvements in the game you need resources, without them you can’t do without. And now with the help of our Nova Empire cheats for money and crystals you will have everything you need and do not have to save or run away during an important battle. Forward to new victories with an invincible team!

Interesting features and features in the game:

  • Huge selection of aircraft and other vehicles on which you will travel.
  • The ability to play with other real players in real time.
  • Ability to hire more experienced admirals who will help you.
  • Constant updates and changes that will only improve your gameplay.

Hacking Nova Empire on Android and iOS, this is a great opportunity to get all the improvements at once. You no longer need to download mods or buy additional settings. everything is very simple and you can enter the code and enjoy the gameplay without any complications. Codes are absolutely safe for any of your devices. You can enter them many times and all the time for free. For those who do not understand how to use the codes, there is an additional instruction below on the site.

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Nova Empire is a strategy that takes place in the vast expanses of space. The player will have to create a powerful alliance, able to capture and maintain domination over the galaxy. The user will have a lot of space ships with a huge number of soldiers on board. Also, gamers will have the opportunity to create their own alliance or entry into an existing one. Colorful graphics, numerous equipment, huge locations – all this is in this game.

Cheats Nova Empire for Android and iOS:

  •  Use the code and get 800 000 money for purchases in the game – NE78ueh322
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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