Real Steel Boxing Champions is an exciting action game in which you have to not only become a robot, but also build it yourself. You will fight in arenas against other participants from all over the world, it can also become your friends if you invite them into the game. The game is where to choose, because you are waiting for a lot of legendary heroes. If you can’t imagine your life without speed and drift, then this race is perfect for you – Tower Crush. Use hacked Real Steel Boxing Champions for free.

First of all, choose a robot for yourself, or rather a hero, and then build a robot for it. Visiting more than 10 arenas you can become a real champion and earn a huge amount of resources. Your boxing fights, this is something new in the world of boxing, because the blow will be so powerful that not everyone will survive. The game is simply unrealistic huge selection of parts. So you can safely give free rein to your imagination and start creating something unique right now.

Real Steel Boxing Champions cheat

Tips and Secrets:

You will have to build your destructive strategy if you want to win. After all, every opponent is very strong and in order to take a leadership position you need to make a lot of effort. But for all you will not have enough money, but to enter the real currency is not a very attractive offer. So with Real Steel Boxing Champions cheats for money and coins, you don’t have to save or refuse yourself anything. Create the most powerful unit and forward to victories.

Interesting facts and features in the game:

  • More than 1,500 parts with which you can create a real miracle of technology.
  • More than 25 tournament fights, with the help of which you can show what you are capable of.
  • Invite your friends to the game and compete with them in the arena.
  • The game has more than 120 fights that can be spent on time.
  • Excellent graphics and interesting gameplay.

Hacked Real Steel Boxing Champions on Android and iOS, this is an innovation in the world of not only games, but also of boxing. Now with codes for money and crystals, you will have the opportunity not to limit yourself to shopping. No need to download mod Real Steel Boxing Champions and buy settings. Everything is not just simple but free, so look at what the codes are capable of and advise your friends. If you have any questions, then click on the link below.

Real Steel Boxing Champions mod


Real Steel Boxing Champions – an exciting fighting game, where fighters are mechanical robots. Before starting the fights, the player needs to assemble his cyborg from the available parts. It is necessary to choose from several types of heads, torso, legs and arms. A metal boxer can be assembled either from parts of a single style, or variegated and multi-colored.

The main mode in the game is a tournament. In it, the user will have to fight with other robotic mechanisms. With each new battle, the level of opponents will grow, so your robot needs to be upgraded with money from successful performances.

There is also a test mode. It has to fight with the most powerful rivals. Victories in such fights are much more difficult, but the rewards are more significant. Real Steel Boxing Champions is a great representative of its genre with good graphics, several exciting game modes and interesting gameplay.

Cheats Real Steel Boxing Champions Hack for Android and iOS:

  •  Use the code and get 500 000 money in the game – RS-BC6tyr
  • To get 500,000 coins in the game, use the code – RS-BC63tf


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