Rope Hero is an interesting game in which you will be a super hero, since he is the main character in the game. We all watched films about super heroes. Each of them has its own unique capabilities. And in this game in your character will be immediately all the abilities of the various characters. It is much cooler, because in one miracle man has everything to make the world a better place. And for those who love the most interesting adventures, you need to play one exciting game and to fight for the right to be called the best player, this is theĀ Crossout Mobile.

First of all, you will get acquainted with the capabilities of your hero, and how to manage his abilities. After all, you can not only jump on the roofs of houses, but also walk on the walls. Your goal is to destroy all the criminals. Since they have almost captured the entire city, and do not allow residents to move freely. One hope for you, only you will manage to stop them. To make the city peaceful, you need to try hard, and you constantly improve your abilities and skills. You need to be as careful as possible, because the bandits are armed and dangerous. To hold out as long as possible, try to rest in time and recuperate.

Rope Hero mod

Rope Hero for Android

For all purchases and improvements in the game, you will need a lot of resources that are not just to earn, but to spend much easier. But now when you have our Rope Hero codes for money, crystals and lives, you will definitely succeed in stopping the confusion that is happening around.

Interesting features in the game:

  • Many enemies against which to fight.
  • Several locations and levels that need to pass.
  • Excellent graphics and easy gameplay.

Hacked Rope Hero on Android and iOS, this is an amazing opportunity that everyone dreams of. Now you do not need to download tedious mods or enter real data into the game. All you need is to see the details below on the site and enjoy the gameplay. Codes are free, safe and you can enter them many times. Even personal information will remain personal and untouched.

Rope Hero cheat


Rope Hero: Vice Town – a third-person action game with an open world. The main hero of the story is a crime fighter dressed in an unusual costume. He challenges the criminal elements of the city and begins their systematic destruction. For this, he uses a large arsenal of weapons and the possibility of his equipment. The main tool of the character is a multifunctional rope, with which you can climb the skyscrapers, as well as attract and kill opponents. Also here you can improve the skills of the protagonist and use a variety of vehicles.

Cheats Rope Hero for Android and iOS:

  • Use the code and get 300,000 crystals on in-game purchases – RP-bgd43-w
  • 400 000 money in the game, using the code – RP-hbf5r-t
  • You can get 1,000 lives in the game using a code, for free – RP-6ygfh-t
How to use bonus codes in the game game.


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